Wednesday, January 16, 2008

War day at work

*Censor's warning; This post may contain explicit language. Reader discretion is advised*

We addressed the enemy after only an hour of being on the battlefield. They launched a surprise attack that killed several in the platoon. Morale is low. It is uncertain whether the enemy has taken any damage at all, despite heavy offensive.

We lunched the troops on Spaghetti and Star Trek. Morale improves.

Needless to say the situation with the enemy has advanced to a point that my platoon is incapable of dealing with it. I have been required to call in my reserve unit, but I am unsure if we can hold our position until they arrive. We are low on ammunition, low on morale, and do not have the advantage of simply berserking. I am unsure when things reached this critical point, but it must have happened suddenly.

Our diplomats and peacetalks (our main offensive) have all been returned bloodied, tortured, and beheaded. It is apparant that we have no recourse in speech. I, myself, have taken some wounds with my legs and pride severely damaged. They attack out of nowhere, with surprising savagery. Our intellegence is useless, all previous reports have been discarded.

If this continues, we may have to cecede the territory. This is less then optimal, given it involves abandoning the reserve unit, but perhaps drastic action must be taken.

I can feel my will to fight draining, but the time for confrontation is almost over. I should return my forces to rebuild war-torn areas, and help calm civil strife.
We do not have the resources to maintain a long-term siege, but we lack the firepower, due to the geneva convention, to wage an all out attack.
Holding for reinforcements.

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