Friday, September 21, 2007

Conclusive evidence

Speaking of God,
I now have solid proof that not only does a deity exist, but He also loves me very much and wants me to be happy.

Othello, the ballet, is coming to Edmonton and I can totally afford tickets. And I have the day free. And the dress I bought for vancouver will match flawlessly.

*hyperventilates into paperbag*

It is my favorite Shakespeare. His tragedies have always been an interest of mine, although mostly a passing fancy. Othello, however, was like heaven in misery for me. Brilliant plot, incredible characters, and everyone dies in the end. Perfection. Not only that, but it is certainly the easiest of Shakespeare's to put on stage, since all the action revolves around the characters and one white handkerchief. Simplicity itself.
Ohhh Ecstacy of Brilliance

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The Lobby

Sometimes, due to the crazy amount of pressure buildup in this building, when someone opens a door, the wind rushes through in a tremendous hurricane and all I can think is:
"God is passing by..."

Friday, September 07, 2007

Night Shift

Things are going exceptionally well in my new job. I really enjoy it. The slight responsability, the calmness, the few people, the time to catch up on my reading, the time to think about things. It's good pay, with a good chance to move up and very little unpleasantness. I've even adjusted to the strange hours I now demand my body keep. It will happily accept 4 hours of sleep one day, then 9 hours the next. This is good.

Coming up I have a Chinese wedding in Vancouver. I'm relaly excited, and am using it as an excuse to buy myself something pretty to wear with the money I received from selling the Tempo. I'm just not sure what type to buy. Is it too stereotypical to buy a mandarin style dress? Do I care if it is?

I've also decided to pay off my condo and buy my own place in the next three years. It feels good to have a goal in mind. Jared's not a bad roommate, but when I come home,and it's empty and I have the place to myself, I just feel so happy. It's feasible to pay it off in this time, plus by them I'll have had the same job for over 2 years, so I will likely be able to get a mortgage on my own, and hopeful the housing market will have calmed down. I also need to consider when I should get my eyes done, however. I have decided to get lazer eye surgery, as this is the only way I will be accepted into the police force, my vision is so bad. I'm just not sure how to go about it, I know so little about it.

I'll refrain from posting here about my relationships because, right now, they're very confusing, and there's not much I can do that will unconfuse them. It seems right now in life, the best thing I can do is just wait...I'm not very good at this however.

I miss my family terrible though. I hope they come back soon. When is Thanksgiving again anyway?

Stephen is still not walking, despite being over a year old now. He seems to be talking however, "mama" and such. So endearing.

I'm really jealous of all the people starting classes this semester for some reason. I have no idea why. Maybe it's cause I had scarecely considered the idea that one day I would be out of school. It's scary out here.