Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Talk-show Morality

I realize the title is an oxymoron, but then again, did you read the first post? Hypocrite. In all my glory, and Oxymorons are a type of hypocrisy, if you think about it. Or anything, really. Just think.
I just felt the need to vocalize my distaste for the trend that has swept the nation for "tolerance morality". This touchy-feely "you have your truth, I have mine, and we can live in harmony." monstrous affront to intelligence.
Think about it. If you've had even a basic Phil class you know this is what is called a Dogma. A nonsensical phrase spouted without proof to placate the slavering masses. This particular demon...erm...Dogma...Is known as Subjective morality. A system of morality where everyone makes their own moral code. However, when I try to justify my supposed belief that I should kill everyone I see, they add the belief "so long as it doesn't conflict with other's beliefs". What? Why should I accept that? You, wanting me to believe that, conflicts with my belief that I should believe anything! (That sounds like the picture that keeps regressing into other pictures) The problem is this belief of tolerance is naturally defeating. If a culture comes along that says "you must believe in my belief" they win! For the tolerant culture can only defeat the dominant culture if the Dom culture plays by the tolerant cultures rules! But why would they do that? They don't believe in them! "Subjective morality just fails" Randy Wojitowicz
Don't accept the dogmas, kids, question everything.
even me telling you to question everything. Even people wishing to liberate you have their alternative purposes. Everyone will always act in their perceived most positive consequence.

So you like the milf hunters, eh?

Because I love to hear myself talk, I'm doing another post. I can't even imagine what this is going to look like in a few months. Quote Albert Brennamin, Hitch, "you can not stop it.....You can NOT stop it....."
I was thinking, Jeez, I've spaced out so many times, and thought of so many things I would tell the world, If I had the chance, and now I can't think of them all. But this one....

Milf (Mothers I'd like to fuck) hunters. I'm fine with them. Even cougars need to be pursued, and honestly, once I get around my upper 30's, early 40's, I'm gonna want some hot guy chasing me (unless he's yelling that he's got a warrant, and will shoot. I tired of them) well, hell, that'd be nice now, but at least now I have something to attract them with.
But, I digress. The issues I have are with FWLFMs (Ff-wul-fems) which are Fathers who would like to fuck me! Good grief you gross, creepy, old, leering men! Before the howling seniors come at me with cleavers, let me make my point.
It's not cause you're old. Oh, no. If Johnny Depp (isn't he 40 something?) showed up at my door and said "come away with me to be my torrid love slave" (note the lack of comma between "torrid" and "love") I wouldn't even fricken PACK!
The issue I have is that they Mack it, and even when I express polite neutral blankness, they still try! NO, I don't want you to seize my hands and tell me how soft they are! I want you to leave me alone! I won't be your mid-life crisis hot rod affair! Young men should have a higher "that means she wants me to go away" threshold (cause, hey, I don't wanna look like I'm giving it away) and old men should have a very, VERY low threshold! I don't wanna have to crush your tiny heart by saying "I could be your fourth (fourth!!) child's date!"

Monday, April 04, 2005

Well Fabulous!

After 8 user name changes, countless back buttoning, and two re-done posts. This is here. I'm here. TA-fricken-DA! I should be working on a philosophy paper, in which I attempt to prove the existence of a rational "I", but I'm not which, honestly, disproves my paper. Instead I am returning to the blog creating horror which has, despite my affection and effort, abused me time and time again. Now I know how a battered woman feels. But, damnit, I'm sure it'll work THIS time. Right?...Right? If not, I shall return to this site in a half hour (like a Kitty Genovese murderer) in hopes that soon, soon, I shall be able to inflict my values, opinions and morals on the mostly harmless world. Because, just as Dentrassies hate Vogons, I hate ignorance. True, trying to convince me that I have the wrong opinion is a task no-one would undertake, but I'm also a massive hypocrite. It's quite liberating. So, lesson for the night, try to figure out why (objectivly now, subjectivism never helped anyone) hypocrisy is morally wrong. I dare you.