Tuesday, July 04, 2006


I hate my job so desperate, however I have my papers in, finally, And I realize it is incredible what I will stand if I don't think I have to stand it for long.


Well, last few days ago I was driving with my bf when we rear-ended another vehicle. Very little, in the grand scheme of things happened. The van drove away with nary a few scratches. My car, however, displaying a few thousands worth of cosmetic damage; the headlights missing. I was planning on getting another car anyway, so no problem there. My neck was a little sore the next day, and I've two bruises on my knees from the dash, but really, very little effect.
But it has presented me with an opportunity.
I got up early today.
I didn't work, or have to be anywhere.
But I got up at 9 o'clock.
Why didn't someone tell me at an earlier age what a heady experience this would be!? I sheer power of getting up before I needed to nearly knocked my socks off!
I made myself proper breakfast, something I haven't experienced since early January. (In retrospect, I did get up earlier than I needed to in Mexico, but I must have mistaken the power flow for excitement over getting litterally, anything I wanted to eat for free. Ah Mexico.)
I wished I had a paper delivered, I had the radio on, hot coffee.
This must be what heaven is like. Knowing that you are master of your tiny destiny. Well, barring unforeseen problems. I think, perhaps, that after something like a car accident occurs, it is essential to take back control of your life. To remind yourself, "I am an effectation being."
Well, that said, I think I'm done on this topic, so I'm going to stop writing.