Wednesday, October 19, 2005


Hey everyone.
Sorry I'm so sporadic lately, but I discovered my midterm marks and damn near choked. So I'm knuckling down and getting it done.
this is really just for the anonymous poster who asked "Can you even carry a rucksack??? or shoot a weapon?"
Despite my initial irritation at these questions, I remember not everyone knows everything about me, so here we go:
Can I carry a ruck? I've been on four wilderness challenges which attached a ruck to my back for two days each. two of them totalling over 50 miles. When I was 15. The ruck weighed more than me. To be fair, It's not as much as I would have to carry if I was truely enlisted, but it's a start and more than your average civvy.
Can I shoot a weapon? While I don't have the extensive knowledge most military guys posses of all different types of firearms, I have had the fortune to fire .22's, .303's, and C7's. I've also fired Daisys but I'm train to gain a little respect here. :P I actually qualified for my crossrifles and crown with the C7. It's been a while since I've practiced, but I can still remember how to strip and clean the rifles. (funny joke we had a .303 with 2 riflings. !!2!!)
The difference between getting fucked at my cafe job, and getting fucked in the military is: I'm expecting it in the military. I've acknowledged it. But it's also more likely to be legitimate, by-the-book fucking than some spontaneous back-stab from some low self-esteemed fucktarts who decide they don't like me.
Anonymous also expects that I'll have to let everyone into my pants to get anywhere. I don't know about that. I've heard rumors the the military promotes based on hard work and dedication. Can anyone set me straight to this effect? Not like I have issues with using my body to get ahead. It would just require more thought before joining. Do I want to respect myself, or get ahead?
All in all, I appreciate you telling me the way it is anonymous. I want to make an informed descision about this. The last thing I want to do is run off to play solider girl. I have absolute faith that the military has too many G.I.Jane wannabes.
So if you've read this post and laughed at my pathetic efforts, that's fine. I like laughing people. but, give me a chance. I miss the CF Greens.