Thursday, September 28, 2006

Happy Boys and Happy Girls

With the most sly-ly driven nail finally pounded into the coffin of feminism, we have no other choice but to begin driving the big obvious "right-the-fuck-here" nails.
In a recent ruling , women have been accepted into the men's hockey league. Go us, right? However, in a backstabbing of macabre proportions, Men are not allowed into the women's league. What the hell?
The "Boy" was apparantly dropped from "boy scouts", and girls were allowed in. However, boys are not allowed in girl guides.
Women-Why are we tolerating this? A noted female politician stated that "Girls groups need to be protected." Screw you! I'm not accepting this molly-coddling bullshit unless the men gotta eat it too! Why is feminism gleefully driving down the wrong side of the road? Either it's a one-way street or it ain't! I had heard people say that feminism was more concerned with being better than men, and I defended it. "No it isn't!" I would say, "No-one would be that ridiculous!" Well, damnit. Thank's for getting my back, girls! This is a giant leap back, under the guise of being a step forward. It used to be we were fighting the institutional sexism. The diagnoses of "hysteria" or "frigidity"; fighting the belief that women were too weak-willed to vote, or own a house, or work. Women fought that. Suffragettes rallied, and protested, and some even died. And for what? So we could muck up their golden dream.
Damnit. You know what? If more of this shit goes on, maybe we should lose the vote...

Tuesday, September 26, 2006


Oh boy I've gota big rage-fuelled hard-on of a rant that's been itchin to see the light of day for a while now. It's a brand-new baby peeve! Break out the cigars!

Married Men.
Good grief! I have earlier rants about them, in the form of, "Good grief stop hitting on me you horrible little woman-appendage!"
I now have one which perfectly mirrors and opposes this former rant.
When every time you say something a little racy (I'm pretty casual about sex) they bring up the holy ring, and hide behind their sacred monogamy. I think it's pretty arrogant of these married men to assume that since I've made a joke, I desperatly want into their pants. Guys, unless a woman has whipped out the line, "so, is your wife away on buisness, or should we go to my place?" they are just being friendly!! Chillax! Most women do not cat around, just waiting for a faithful, honorable man to miss screaming "Married! Love my wife! Lots of sex with her!" once, so she can pounce. Hell, even I of the lower-morals-than-a-psychopath breed, have never even kissed a man who was attached to someone else. I hate being in a great conversation with someone, and have them drop the W-bomb. It kills all interaction because I have yet to meet a man who can do it with dignity. Me: "Yah, My courses are riveting! That experiment in 237 was amazing!" Him: "Yah, my in Vancouver." *Awkward moment as I realize he thought I was coming on to him* Maybe I exaggerate a touch, but it's almost that bad sometimes. The contortionist lengths some men will go to to bring up their wives.
So guys, ease up. Learn to laugh at jokes. You can't accidentaly cheat on your wife. The only people who cheat are those who want to.

That's useful information for women too. If he cheats, it's because he wanted to.

Wen the Eternaly Surprised

In the space of a fraction of a second, the world is changing. While I type these letters someone dies, is born, changes jobs, loves, minds, choices. In this chaotic whirlpool of random chance and order, lies a million little stories, all that have untold effect on one single moment, upon which your world may turn. or it may not.
The world is constantly being re-created. Constantly new.
The only proper approach to this world is by being eternally surprised. Constantly astounded by the very fact that your heart remembered to beat yet again.
In this tiny moment, you must find bliss, and joy, trusting that in the next second the world will be new and fresh again, and you can find bliss in that too.
Tiny bumper particles that change the world.
The world is built on seconds.

Family Update

My sister, on Aug 10th, produced a baby. His name is Stephen D'mitri, and he's so cute.

Monday, September 25, 2006


Mawage is what bwings uff togefa, today.
Thinking on it, I'm not really sure why we still have it. A radio contest in my city has challenged men to marry another man for three weeks to win a chance to win $30,000. No typo there. Win a CHANCE to win $30,000. With this mockery of a marriage floating around, what could marriage ever really mean again? It started as a form of currency, a baby breeding tactic, turned into a way to make people respectable while still having sex, become an expression of true love, then an expression of one's mental stability, and now really means nothing. People marry for all kinds of stupid reasons now. I'm starting to wonder if perhaps love might not be better served by simply staying together. Choosing to love each other, and come home to each other, every day. Repeating your vows day after day. Because, why would anyone's love matter to anyone other than who is in love? With swingers, and cheaters, and divorces, marriage doesn't mean anything. But, why should it? It did start as a form of currency. It had it's moment in the sun as an expression of true love, but now is the time to put such childish notions away.

Sunday, September 17, 2006


While I still have yet to uncover the meaning of life (so close, tho I' sure) I have discovered that the best way to live it is to make yourself happy at the moment. There is never going to be a point in your life where you fulfill what you want, and suddenly you're happy for the rest of your life. You have to simply decide that everything is okay. This doesn't mean stop furthering yourself, but love what you have now.
In the wake of the Montreal shooting tragedy, I think it is really important to be happy with ourselves in all things, and to learn that attitude really does decide everything. Studies have found (oh I hate that vauge expression, but i'll find my sources I hope) that Millionaires rated their happiness at the same level that Mongolian (I think Mongolian) sheepherders did. This means it doesn't matter what you have, where you are, or what. If nothing is activly making you unhappy, you should be able to make yourself content. I think we also really need to teach our kids that mental disorders are not necessarily a problem, but simply a fact of one's personality. If you are determined, you and your brain will work to cope with the problem. I am really fascinated with the ability of the human body to adapt and overcome.
Have faith.

Thursday, September 07, 2006


Despite the previous car accident, I remained undaunted, and set about the world to obtain another car. It was beautiful. A red Dodge Neon, standard. Oh the thrill of shifting gears while listening to my CD player (!), was an ambrosia I had not yet supped. We, my boyfriend, a mutual friend of ours and myself, took it to London Ontario to visit their family.
We rolled it.
Halfway between some town called Ignace, and some town called Dryden. We were shufted to the hospital in Dryden, while the car was towed to Ignace. We had only minor injuries, but the car is totalled. As we speak, it is stuffed in some parking lot in Ignace, awaiting the information as to whether it will rise again or not.
I feel guilty about abandoning it.
It was a good car.
I now bike everywhere I go.
I can't trust drivers anymore.

I think it is beneficial for people to give up their cars, for the environment and such, but I still whine when I think about the loss of luxury.


Where are we going?
what are we headed for?
There is a truly staggering number of people on this planet, but can o ur resources handle us?
Like Ralph Klein, will we suddenly discover that we have no plan for such growth?
Where is our accountability?
Who can we trust?
Which companies factor in environmental cost?
Why do I have only questions?
What is right? or true?
Are people really being slaughtered in other countries?
Is there really starvation and diseases in other countries?
Is there any media we can trust?
Why are people so casual about trash, litter, and plastic?
Will I see a different, a better world in my lifetime?
How can I make a better world?
How can I spur a revolution?