Friday, October 19, 2007

A preponderance of words

This was just too funny, so I had to post it.

The day after I had written the previous post, complaining that a tank could've fallen on my friend, Mike, and I would never know, he phoned. To say a tank had almost fallen on his friend.
What had happened is, typically mechanics are issued Pistols, rather then the rifles that everyone else, barring clerks, is assigned. However, they had a limited number, so some mechanics had rifles. Apparantly Mike's team had a tank propped up for fixing, when the jack failed, and it began to fall on them. Everyone scattered, except Mike's friend who tripped over his rifle! He managed to pull himself upright and scurry off in time, but wow. Talk about close calls.

(I'd saved this email for a few days, hoping to add to it, but things had just been so crazy that now it's kinda outta date. But I guess my readership won't know it unless I tell them, so I won' crap.)

The opera. Carmen was good. Not fabulous. I realized later, that I'd expected good acting, which is not the point of the Opera. Silly me. But I was already familiar with the music enough that it wasn't a surprise anymore. So.

I managed to get an eye surgery consultation, in which they vouchsafed that, yes, I am admissable for surgery and , holy crap, don't I have big pupils? However, after gushing to a friend that I was admissable, and now I'm well on my way to a police career the following exchange occurred;
Friend: "Where did you go to?"
Myself: "Lasik MD. Why?"
F: "Oh please, don't go there. I hate them so much. My op spends all his time fixing their botched jobs!"
M: "*sigh* information that could've been brought to my attention YESTERDAY!"

But, at least I know now I am okay to get it done. I'll try at some other places first though, and see what they say.

All in all, life is getting marginally better. I have pancakes now, and a strange urge to put random shit into them. like pecans and bananas.

Cat still dumb.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Takin' the training wheels off...

This building is so thin I can hear people cough in the room upstairs. It's useful because I can monitor my surroundings more effectivly, it's discouraging cause, well, when I'm busting out "proud mary" at 3 in the morning, I don't really need everyone critiquing my singing. ( seriously people, It's not meant to be sung well, it's meant to be sung ANGRILY!)

I've my first meeting with a financial advisor tomorrow. I'm less terrified then I thought I'd be, but still aware that it will be 10:30 and I will not have had sleep for a bit, and my body will be all-ready for bed by then. I may have to censor myself heavily.

I also have an appointment with a laser eye surgery clinic in the city to be assessed for my surgery suitability. I'm exacted, but still tense. If I'm disqualified, my Police career will end before it starts as well. I have no reason to be nervous, but I am aware of the possibility for a lot of hurt.

Speaking of hurt. I have a cat. Her name is Xiao-mei (a mess of chinese that I like to think translates to "tiny younger sister". Since the only chinese-speaker I have asked about it thought I had named her Chowmein, I have decided I don't care if it translates well or not) She is, unfortunatly, a bundle of energy wrapped in pointy tiny claws. My arms bare the marks of a thousand flying leaps. She is practically death-defying in her aerial acrobatics to get onto my shoulders. However, she is soothing to me, and relief when I come home and she's there. I managed to clip two of her claws today. Not two paws. Two claws. I consider this a triumph.

In other news, my job is going well. Many prospects for new training, and I've fully adapted to the nightshift now. the new gentleman I am working with is really great to work with, although his english is a tad slow. I've been debating learning some spanish, to help meet him halfway. On the plus side, he's quick to correct himself, and eager to do whatever. I am happy.

I am melancoly however, from missing so many people that are so important in my life; Mike in Wainwright, Tim in Gagetown, Tobe's fallen off the world, Edmund still persistantly in Toronto, my family in High Level. I also haven't even heard from Mike in WEEKS. MIKE, If you are reading this, bloody well call me! You could've had a tank fall on you, and I likely wouldn't know! This makes me grumpy!

The last, most exciting recent new thing is Opera tickets! I have a ticket to Carmen (!!) next Tuesday and Othello (!!!) on November 3. Ohh I'm tingly all over!

Well, that's all. Probably.
Love to everyone who cares to update this.

Monday, October 01, 2007


This past weekend (september 27-30th) I had the good fortune to travel with a group of close friends to the lovely city of Vancouver to see some friends wed themselves.
As is customary for myself, let me gush about the hotel first.
The sunset inn.
Relatively close to everything we needed,and including a kitchen (yes!) a living room and full cable t.v. (more then at home : P) the feature that won me over completely was the bed. It was massive. Seriously huge. The pillows and comforter were like marshmellow spread, except not sticky, and significantly less fattening. It took up almost the ENTIRE bedroom (and yes, there was a seperate room for the bedroom. wonderful!) It was somewhat inconvenient to sneak around in the dead of night when needing to pee, but I think I didn't care.

Thursday night, the night of our arrival, we rented a minivan SUV to ferry 7 of us to the hotel. Even with all our luggage we were only a petite bit cramped. Surprisingly, despite the late hour, we all were pretty restless, and went out for congee (a thick chinese soup characterized by large chunks of green onion on top). This marks the first occasion I have ever had to try ostrich meat. (as far as I recall...). Tasted like beef. moving on.
Friday, despite the forecast of rain, was beautiful. Clear skies marked by lazy fat clouds, warm sun, and a slight breeze. A perfect day for a wedding. After planting a box of viagra on the proposed wedding night bed, we disembarked for Alvin the groom's house. Watching the tea ceremony, where the bride and groom serve tea to the groom's family (serving to the bride's family was a more private affair to which I was not privy) was quite moving. In fact, once it was over, despite the fact that the justice of the peace had not even arrived to make it lawful, it seemed pretty obvious that they were married. the formality and paperwork came later, with my less laughter and fanfare, I think. It was beautiful, the whole ceremony.

The reception took place at Kirin restaurant downtown. I can't even fathom the expense taken to host this. Everyone, all 150-odd guests, was served Shark fin soup. (This is a crazy expensive dish). There were around 12 courses, and I swear I ate until I died, then ate until I was resurrected again. There were speeches, and jokes, and wedding games, and fun. The wedding slideshow of the couple moved me to tears, and the whole evening passed blissfully.
We regretfully called the evening short to race home and undo some of the more odious pranks played on the honeymoon suite (including ice cubes in the bed and the lightbulbs unscrewed); hoping to save the exhausted bride and groom from complete irritation.

The saturday was spent shopping for nicknacks and such, having lunched in a fabulous gay bar which served shepard's Pie that I must have been very good to deserve. The evening was the real treat though. We all joined (all 17 of us) at a sushi restaurant for all-you-can-eat sushi. The bill came to $500. Awesome. Really Awesome. We have some marvellous pictures of Joseph and Alvin smashing sashimi into each other's mouths (I do mean smashing) and I now have the memory of Alvin managing to scoop a whole bowl of jello into his mouth in one swift movement while fending off Joseph. A rousing success. : )

Sunday morning was spent meeting Joseph's Aunt and Uncle for Dim sum. However, I was mildly embarassed when his uncle ordered me a knife and fork. I am still unsure if this was courtesy, or if my chopstick skills are that bad... any insight is welcome.
The afternoon and evening were spent getting home, and harassing each other.

All in all, an incredible trip.
I apologize for the lack of grace in this post, but I'm rather tired, and need to conserve energy for the 7 hour shift still ahead of me.
Love all