Saturday, January 12, 2008

Cooking day at work

Take one leg of lamb, marinate until reasonably mature. Be sure to tenderize just enough to make it crsipy on the outside, but somewhat soft inside.
Stud liberally with nuts, and spice slightly.
Slow cook in pot on low heat, stirring occasionally.

Take pile of various other wholesome ingredients and mix in seperate pot. Put in fridge.

These may be done in advance, to save time. On the day of cooking;

In a large mixing bowl, mix one batch of chopped onions, a cup of radishes, and a half a cup of lemon juice. Dump concoction into pot on stove with lamb.

Slow simmer in a coffee base, while alternating leg of lamb between bitter onion mixture, and wholesome ingredients. While in wholesome ingredients, mix in a package of crackers, liberally crushed under multiple people's shoes.

Blanche leg of lamb in onion mixture, then suddenly scorch mixture under high heat, stirring periodically. Take care that the lamb and onion mixture DO NOT MIX PROPERLY. Continue to alternate between onion mixture and fridge. If the leg of lamb curdles, you must discard it, and try a new recipie.
After 8 hours, remove the leg of lamb, and mix it in with some warm chinese food, or marinate in alcohol. Any leftovers may be frozen to good effect.

The key to success with this recipie is to start with a good leg of lamb, and allowing it to cool fully wile in the fridge.

Happy Cooking


Anonymous said...

whats it all mean i asked myself,
staring blankly at the wall,
whats she trying to say to us,
could it be somethin or nothin at all

i wondered till the wee morning hours
scrutinizing every word and phrase,
until the words on the screen,
left my mind in a daze.

....well i tried.pathetic yes. im not in the mood anyways. So tell me what this is all about.

is the chinese food what i think it is?? that parts obvious.

this is anonymous tee hee , youll never know who it is.tee hee.

Michelle Ernst said...

Erm. It's a thinly veiled attempt to get across some of the current issues irritating me at work.
and yes, the Chinese food is just what you think it is. That bit is not very veiled.

And, I believe your identity is rather transparent.