Monday, February 26, 2007

Now with more sodium!

God, I feel like if I turn my head too rapidly, psychology will splash all over my monitor.
After all the damn reading I've done over the past week (I'll be a big girl and refrain from making a joke about how I'm reading over reading week, hurr hurr) I should be prepared for this midterm. But now my cortex feels like a burning hatred behind my eyes. I think perhaps my temporal lobe has simply become electrified.
On a happier note, I'm starting to feel quite confident that my application to the military will be approved. For heaven's sake I have a dratted clean bill of health, a desire to run around the mud filled fields, and a large bladder capacity. What more could they want?
Oh right, that whole "reassurance that I will not shoot their people in the back of the head while they are unawares."

Saturday, February 24, 2007

When I just close my eyes...

When I was short and waif-like, and happy in my shortness, and my ignorance, and youth, I would curl into a little ball and hide myself in my ceder-lined hope chest. and just breathe in the wonderful smell and daydream.
Now I have a mortgage and credit cards, and a thrice-broken little heart, and a career path, and guilt, and sadness, and age, and grey hairs. And a little teapot in a ceder box. and I pour myself green tea, and breathe.
And somehow, I'm happier now.

Monday, February 19, 2007


Fuck you world! scrotum!!!
It's a golramm body part!!!

In other news;
Baptism went well. Yah! so no more baby being sent to limbo! I was also surprised because I expected baby to freak ("wtf? water, OMG!?") but he was fabulous! quiet, well-mannered, not squirmy. but then again, he has my genes, hehe.

On another note:
Things are going well between the ex and I. I think this friendship may actually work! holy-shit!
So there all you Nay-sayers who believe you can't be friends with an ex!! I'm onna fuckin do it twice!!! HA! ...I hope....

On a final note:

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Anna Nicole Smith

I've gotta admit, I feel kinda lost in a world without her.
She seemed kinda trashy, but I never saw a picture of her without her smiling in it. I kinda like that. I feel like people must have when they found out Marilyn Monroe died. Weird. Could also be because I've never been close to anyone who has died, but celebrities feel strangely close, since we follow their lives in tabloids so avidly.
Well, that's pretty much it for today. Pretty mindless, but I'm trying to distract myself. If I don't succeed I'm going to have to sit down and read the 5 articles I just downloaded on neural plasticity and perception. I should because I need them for Thursday, but...well...I just don't CARE right now.
Things are going better tho.
I knew I just needed a night of Karaoke and Sake. : P

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Mark Rothko Song

Words and music by dar williams

The blue it speaks so full
It’s like the beauty one can barely stand
Or too much things dropped in your hand
And there’s a green like the peace
In your heart sometimes
Printed underneath the sheets of ashy snow
And there’s a blue like where the urban angels go, very bright
Now the calder mobile tips a biomorphic sphere
Then it swings it’s dangling pieces
Round to other paintings here

Your behavior is so male
It’s like you can’t explain yourself to me
I think I’ll ask renoir to tea
For his flowers are as real as they are all the time
And the sunlight sets the furniture aglow
It’s a pleasant time as far as people go, how far do they go?
Well his roses are perfect and his words have no wings
I know what he can give me and I like to know these things

I met her at the funeral
She said I don’t know what he meant to me
I just know he affected me
An effect not unlike his art,
I believe

The service starts and we are in the know
He had so much to say but more to show, and ain’t that true of life?
So we weep for a person who lived at great cost
Yet we barely knew his powers till we sensed that we had lost

A friend and I in a museum room
She says, look at mark rothko’s side
Did you know about his suicide?
Some folks were born with a foot in the grave, but not me, of course
And she smiles as if to say we’re in the know
Then she names a coffee place where we can go, uptown
Now the painting is desperate, but the crowds wash away
In a crowd of kind pedestrians who’ve seen enough today


Alright you seething, slobbering internet masses. I'm on Livejournal now. Not because I wanna be, but because I feel i have to. (to the person who's forced me to this level, I'm gonna get you...)
My username is jhagerkin.
Yes. Jhagerkin. DEAL WITH IT.
Pretty much everything else I liked was taken.
Chelle, miChelle, Lhuci, LhuChelle.
fricken internets.