Wednesday, April 04, 2007

I have come to a conclusion

I will never have children. Ever. Unless I can completely bypass the years that they can't speak in. I'll be like the Maori people of New Guinea; "If you can't talk, you aren't really human!"

I thought for many years, "Of Course I'll want kids eventually!"
But after tonight, babysitting my nephew. I've changed my mind.
My programming is undone.
No babies.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007


Well, I went into a panic, thinking I had lost my damn blog, couldn't log on, was wondering how I'd transfer it to my new Gmail and all, when I found it again by logging in properly.
Ahh, Panic. My old friend.

Oh man. Things are going good. Like, really good. Classes are going well, I've applied to graduate, My relationship is going really (really!) well, and summer is coming soon. All I need to confirm is whether or not I will have a job come July; and decide whether to keep my half of the condo or not. It would be nice to have essentially free property. I keep it at the risk of it lowering in value, tho, but with the LRT coming down my way, I think the price is fairly reasonable. It would also be nice to have a place to keep, and know that I can crash at anytime, but do I want the hassle of being a landlord? What happens if the housing bubble cracks, and it effectively halves in value? Plus, If I do get a job in the military, I wouldn't want to stay here anyway. especially since I have no vehicle?

Hmm. More things to ponder.
Ah well.

Did I mention how well things are going relationship-wise? Dude.