Sunday, October 29, 2006

Whatever the Weather

I thought I'd make post 60 a peaceful one.
Snow. What a great idea. An essential commodity floating to the ground in a pleasing, silent array. There's something about it's soothing nature, gentle white color, and completely lack of discrimination that has always made me happy. In a little giddy child fashion. It makes me think of Christmas with my family, and late night light-watching car trips. I pulled my bed out to the living room, which is pretty devoid of anything, and just fell asleep watching the snow. It seems like such a miracle, every time I see it. That nature still runs; in it's timeless efficancy.I think, if I could choose, I would like to freeze to death while watching the snow fall. As morbid as that is, it would be wonderful. Just falling asleep with the snow gently laying witness, covering you, bringing you back to God.
On a completly unrelated note, I saw the preview for a movie called "300" and it looks completly fantastic. Elephants and men kicking the shit out of each other. If there is Geisha, I may go into happy seizures.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Yes God!

I'm a veritable dynamo of linguistic cunning! A force of nature mother has yet to divulge from her earthy womb! I'm alite, afire, and crackling with the wordy energy of the truly possesed! I'm a mad women reborn with a pen and a penis! The sweet heady tang of justice and Karma was something I had not supped for too long. But now, oh sublime zest! Oh beatific angel of "I told you so". I spill my cathartic sanguinity, such close divinity, onto whitish screen.Oh, I'm feign with nervous energy! I may soon perish, but know this; The height, the zenith of my rapture, is now.

This just in: Mother nature takes a backseat to science

On another note, the Gov't has approved a pill that would push your period back to once every three years. I have two problems with this;
1. Your period may not solve any reproductive articles, as the page points out, but I 'm pretty sure having the same nasty blood sitting in your womb for 3 years is not a good thing. There is a reason your body flushes that blood out. You don't stop trying to shit, do you? Hell no. I've heard, from my doctor, though I cannot confirm or deny, that your body flushes it out to prevent uterine cancer (i.e. you don't bleed on the pill to "psychologically adjust" that's a crock of shit if nothing else). In the words of my old Biology professer, Don't Fuck with Mother Nature!

2. Why does everybody hate PMS? Ladies, is it really that bad? I rather enjoy mine. It's a chance to kick my feet up, relax, get out all the crying I've been penning up. It connects me to the female race, You know? Reminds me of my mortality. Lets me know I'm not pregnant. I'm on pills, but I don't think I could ever get rid of it entirely. Every month I'm reminded of women's incredible ability to make a tiny human inside our bodies. Isn't that a miracle? Is one week of discomfort not worth that wonder and awe? I don't want to say that this is because we no longer hold motherhood sacred, but I do feel we handle the extrodinary with less reverence.
I don't know why this is.


Thank heavens I don't live in the United States.

Vegemite is banned there.
Vegemite. For the unlearned masses Vegemite is a peanut butter kinda substance, quite salty, that Australians traditionally have on bread. It seems to be a kinda of cultural point, because I don't think I could choke it down, but they love it. Anyway, The U.S. has banned it because it contains Folate, something they only want to see added to bread or cereal.
Dude, Vegemite could practically be bread. I wonder if they could sell it under the label "bread".

when I think about possible reasons for this, the only one I can conjure is that this is another instance of hand-holding. Trying to ensure Americans don't have to read what they eat, or try to eat healthy. Which doesn't really explain why McDonalds doesn't have to post warnings on their burgers "Should not be eaten more than once a week".

I think we should all ask why the U.S. is trying to cheese off Australians so much...
they don't have weapons of mass destruction do they?
Australia is a strategically located land mass...If you're trying to take over China...

Wednesday, October 18, 2006


I've often heard in arguments, and now feel the need to wax poetic upon the theory that being insensitive about death somehow demeans human life.
I'm not going to talk too long, save to say this; Without death, life would have NO meaning. It is in the fact that life ends that it has value. How could our reactions to death cause that worth to be taken away? It can't, really. Simply because one person sniffles a little, and another starts a webring shrine to a lost loved one doesn't mean either value life more or less. Our value on life is not shown through our reaction to it's end (although it is a typically good indicator that someone who does not care that life ends is probably less "maximizing the greater good in a life" driven) our value on life is demonstrated by how we live our own. We can have influence, but not control over how another's life is led. (even in those scenarios where kidnapping and such occurs. Attitude is such a large part of our view of life that even conplete control over a person's body does not ensure ocntrol over mind, or soul) Therefore, in your view of your life through your goals, or lack thereof, and impression on the fullness of your own life is the true indicator of how you value all life.

From this then, it is logical that people who weep more would be more inclined to notice the lack in their own life from the loss of a loved one, and thus, are weeping for the value lost in their own life. (let's be fair, you cannot grieve FOR someone else, only ABOUT...) and ones who are less inclined to weep would be less sensitive to the loss of life value. But we cannot make such judgements about every person. (this will tie nicely into my stereotype rant...coming soon!)
Everyone grieves in their own way, but lets abandon this shoddy argument tactic.
Thank you.

This just in: AA supports LSD

Let me summarize this for you, early in the morning; LSD makes you have hallucinations that cause you to believe in God. Therefore it is easier to quit drinking because Alcoholics Anonymous place step 2 of a 12 step program is "Believe there is a high power at work".
... And LSD is good for this?
Put something outside your body, people. That's what you need. If it's other people who care about you (you also need to acknowledge this care) or a God that does, or hell, if you firmly believe that your b aseball team will lose if you aren't healthy. Who gives a crap what. If you live for something other than yourself, you'll put more value on your life.
Not that tough.
But, um...Can I try some LSD anyway? :)

Tuesday, October 03, 2006


In light of the recent tragedies of Pennsylvania, Colorado, and Montreal, I feel the need to speculate on what we as a people can do to curb these disgusting attacks.
Many cry for gun control. The problem is that is isn't. Control, I mean. In Montreal, at least, the guns were all legal, and registered. It didn't save anyone, did it. Although I believe gun registration will help police solve previously un-solved crimes, in being able to compare bullets to guns to owners, however, this should be a back-up plan; not the entirity of our massacre prevention methods. Even if we take away everyone's guns, people will find other way to do this. Explosives, knives, heavy blunt objects. It's just conveniant to do it with a gun.
The problem that we are ignoring when we cry for gun control is the desire. We need to examine why people decide to do this in the first place. What is it that causes a married father of three to line up and systematically shoot innocent young girls? Pennsylvania is a perfect example of why "who" is being shot does not matter. The killer didn't care who he shot, just so long as he shot some young girls.
Personally, I would like to run to the idea that it must be a mental unbalance, a chemical disorder. I find it hard to believe that everyday life could conpell someone to these extremes. Not when the aggression is so varied, and so un-specific. These people, these maniacs, are just angry. Does anger really come from fear, as Yoda suggests? Fear of what? Although young girls can be somewhat tormenting at times, I doubt they would provoke the kind of fear required for this. Is it possible that there is a tumor in the amygdala of every one of these killers? Unlikely, but not impossible.
What are we turning into?