Thursday, January 24, 2008

Tao day at work

"Allow Tao to carve you into a vessel for Tao. Then you can serve the world without mutilating it." Upon reading this, I looked at my hands, so soft and pink. How could they serve anything?
By remaining open.
"Do by not doing. Act with inaction."
It is through silence that we may speak the loudest. By stillness we may find our way.
"What has equilibium is easy to maintain."
Favor neither one extreme nor the other. Strive for Harmony in all things.
"Heaven's secret is motherly love."
It takes effort to hate. Abandon such foolish notions.
"A good employer puts himself below his employees."
It is in humility that we may benefit.
"The sage isn't sick. He is sick of his sickness. Therefore he is not sick."
Releasing all pretenses, expectations, and fears leads to Tao.
"Because she contends with no one, no one can contend with her."
Do not play petty games. They mean nothing.
"When people find one thing beautiful, another consequently becomes ugly."
In acceptance of all things, there is freedom from judgement.
"Allow order to arise of itself."
Everything turns out alright in the end. You must trust.

"Too much talk about it evaporates your understanding, though. You must stay at the center of the circle."

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