Thursday, January 17, 2008

Famous Song Titles Day at work

"Let's get it started" - Black eyed peas
"Confessions" - Usher
"Tubthumping" -Chumbawhumba
"Time is on my side" -Rolling Stones
"I'm on my way" -Cat Stevens
"These boots were made for walking" -Nancy Sinatra
"Thinkin' about you" -Norah Jones
"Blue Collar Hollar" -Stan Rogers
"Ah, Jus' push it" -Salt 'n' Pepa
"On top of Spaghetti" -Boy Scouts
"Winter" - Vivaldi
"Silent Sea"- KT Tunstall
"Sittin' on the dock of the bay"- Otis Redding
"Get out" -Jojo
"King of the Road" -the Proclaimers
"Bed" -J. Holiday

On an unrelated note here is the comic for today:

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