Sunday, April 16, 2006

Tragedy in three parts

So here I sit. Gussied, if you will pardon the expression, to the nines. And unable to get up the urge to go to a club. Perhaps I shall just Get all pretty periodically, just to be sure I can still do it. It's really sad tho. I put on my face, covered myself in sparkles, threw on some sprayed on jeans, and a tank. and now I'm going to create a new character in D2.
Well, It is the expansion, so I guess that deserves some pretty...

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Post 40

Well, it's finally happneed. I've become so liberal, I'm conservative. I've gone through the Looking Glass.
I've been musing on abortion lately, because it is an issue which concerns me as a female. I mean it's not a pressing issue, but one I ought to have an opinion on.
I don't like it.
But, I would like to point out, I'm not particularily pro-life. I still identify as Pro-choice. However, the difference lies in that I don't think most women really think there is a choice. They think, "Oh my Goodness! A baby! My life is ruined!" Either they don't have the time, money, or guts to admit to their family that they are knocked up. But the thing is; our society is so messed up we have progressed to the point where motherhood, giving life, is now a thing to be ashamed of! They see a young teen with a baby and think "She didn't plan! What a slut! Now she'll live off welfare and never fulfill her true purpose in life!" But really. Why is every life so sacred now that if a person doesn't go to postsecondary or learn a trade, or better the world, their life has been wasted? Is it ever really a waste if they experience one happy moment? If you think about it; Have you ever been happy? Really, truely, deep down, never-make-this-moment-end euphoric? I have. I strive for once a month. I find it keeps you in perspective. You need to step back from this world of societal chaos, of buying and working so hard, to discover that really it doesn't matter. How you feel matters. Just make yourself happy. I'm not saying blow your savings and screw the future. Just do whatever will maximize satisfaction and happiness. If you're 14 and you're pregnant. Breathe. Really think what will make you happy.
I firmly believe that no woman would choose to simply end her child if she honestly had a choice. I think it's the external world which chooses for her. (BTW female sociopaths, I really have no answer for. but I wonder if perhaps that isn't a biological messing...not a problem per se but not natural)
I wish the world could be simple for everyone. I wish every woman who was afraid because she was pregnant, could find the courage, have her baby, and be lauded by the world for being a mother.
Maybe this is all because my biological clock has exploded and I really want a baby.
Siigh...only 7 more years. Hah.