Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Noir Day part two

When my partner returns, we have a brief dicussion. I leave on my rounds, he stays at the office. It's better this way.

Entering the industrial area, there's a line of formless shapes behind a mesh fence. I try not to look at them. Close by is the kitchen. Makes some of the best grub known to man. Not as good as my momma's, but she's far away, and good food is hard to find. The staff here know my face, know what I like, help me drown my sorrows in apple pancakes. The blonde skirt running the show is one you don't wanna mess with. We understand each other. I don't mess with her turf, and she doesn't ask questions. I like her.

People 'round here like to post things on their walls. Little sayings. Reminders that we're human. I read 'em. Least I can do.

I check out a couple of the usual joints on my duty. They're cold and empty. Kinda like me. I got a headache coming, probably cause I haven't had a drink in so long. I stop at my favorite watering hole, but it's not enough. It's never enough. Soon I get the ground beneath my feet again. Heading to where I'm not supposed to be. I'm in there everyday. Mostly to check for trouble, but also to show them that I can. And to show myself that I can.
Little noises pull my attention to a room packed with boxes, stuffed with who-knows-what. My badge gets me into everywhere, even some places I don't wanna go. Sometimes it's lonely out here. Being one man, the only line between order and chaos.

It's foggy outside. A lone car stands in the pool of lamplight. I know the guy says he owns it, says he'll be back for it. We'll see.

Nursing a drink, I consider the issue rising between my partner and I. I wonder if I'll have to involve the boss. My boss is a looker. Someone more foolish than me might mistake him for another pretty face, but I've see him in action. He gets the job done, and I respect that. He stays out of my way, and I like that.

'Round 2 o'clock I get the feeling that it's going to be a quiet night, although I'm not sure if it's instinct or hope. I got a deadline to be back at the office by. Hope I make it. Checking out the cartel on my way back, a man in a dress stares at me. I try not to stare back. I'm not sure if he'd like it, or not. Another man is eating a plate of garlic. He is every time I see him. I wonder why. I smile at him. He never smiles back.

There's a land war over some nearby territory. I don't know the players, but I guess I don't need to. I just need to know the winner. Right now? Could go any way.

I take my badge off to answer the call of nature. It's the only way I can. Little about this gig is natural.

I sign my name on my report with enough time to make it back to the office. Even some time to grab some of the swill I call "coffee". I stop in at the Lady L's. I need comfort and her place always provides. Let the office wait. I do.

Back behind my desk, I type up a report on some problems I've found. I wonder if the perp will ever be punished. Probably not. That's how it always goes. I turn my mind from the issue to the little lady waiting for me at home. Hope she's safe. Just got her back from the hospital today, and I'm a little worried about losing her again. She's seen me at my worst, and still seems to love me.I wonder what I did to deserve her. Probably something in a previous life, I decide.

The crooner nearby insists that some chicky has him "lifted, gifted, higher then the ceiling". It's been a while since I've heard this one. I wonder if he'll play it again.

Takes me four tries to remember the new password.

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