Tuesday, March 28, 2006


So my theory for life thus far has been accumulated to the point where it consists of this:
To maximize a "good" life, two requirements must be met
1. An increasing level of satisfaction. This is fulfilled by rational, reasoning goals being achieved, feeling effective, and useful. The slower the build, the longer the last, typically.
2. A high level of happiness on top of satisfaction. This is fulfilled by pure visceral sensibility. It tends to fluctuate rapidly however.

So tonight was a night that I realized just how damn happy I was. I'd succeded in planning and executing a proper meal (that didn't involve ANY kraft dinner or instant soup!) Had a wonderful actual date night, and felt generally competant.
But the true frosting came when I sat down to check my comics, and noticed my bed. I have a single day bed, but when my bf sleeps over, we put pillows side by side and make it into a little double bed, sort of. the sight of my clean hardwood floor, and the little bed just waiting for us made me feel really happy. And I realize I'm totally content now. And then I thought; Is this it? Is this all life has to offer? These moments of happiness. There must be something deeper. Something longer lasting that visceral happiness, or even deep satisfaction. Perhaps that's why I'm in philosophy. To find a wisdom that will last longer. Or produce something. Other than happiness, it must be because even happiness does not really... I don't know.
There must be more to life than happiness. Or even Satisfaction.
Ow. Brain hurts.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Pysch-Social Heuristics

I've said it, for years, and damnit. Two pieces of wisdom that will always hold true about pople:
1. People Will always act to the percieved most positive consequence.
2. If someone wants something badly enough, they will work to get it.
3. If someone wants something to be true for them, it will be. (such as fortune telling, etc.)

The tricky thing with these rules is they seem moronicly simple, but they need to stew. Seriously. Think them over on the can; which is, as far as I know, the best place EVER to think. Apply them to your life. Things become simpler after using these rules, it seems. At least bipedal dealings do.

As for Day3, it was largely unmarkable, except for being called a man. A good man, but a man nonetheless. But I didn't really examine the ice cream aisle, sooo...

As for life on the personal front, I'm having episodes with marriage. (episodes are expressions of issues) I really would like to marry my boyfriend, but he would like to wait a year, and I'm not sure why.He would like to buy a house, but damnit I don't want to live in a house I haven't helped buy. It makes me feel worthless and useless. He says also he wants to wait until I'm out of school. Why? Because homework and a married life don't mix? Sigh. I was psyched about travelling to Ontario to meet his family, but now, I'm not sure.
It seems so lame to travel across the country, and spend a vacation together, just to meet his family and be like, "This is my Girlfriend." How 12 years old can you get?
Maybe I just really want some bling...
I sometimes hate being female.
But I bought a crapload of nice lush stuff, so it's okay. I'm trying henna on my usually blackish hair, so wish me luck!
Guess I'll let it all stew. Usually works for problems, and solutions, and damnit, everything. Everything gets better with time. Or at least, more extreme.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

The Epic Chronicles of Chelle the Supermarket Security Chick!

As it is written down; and shall be passed from generation to generation; My meteoric Rise In the Supermarket!
Day1: Valiently ejected drunk bum from the bathroom; The people rejoice!
Day2: Heroically saved $300 of merchandise from evil clutches; A cult following develops!
Day3: Dismantles ice cream bomb, saving hundreds; A national holiday is declared!
Day4: Mistakenly tackles undercover guard; Barred from ever entering supermarket again.
Day5: Eats Spaghetti off stomache in leiu of plate; Life returns to normal.

Seriously tho, that undercover guy looked completely suspicious. Days 1 and 2 are my 1 and 2 (cept for the cult following), but I hope Day 3 will not be that way.
On a happier note, My brother has come in top 6 in Alberta for his Parachute course, and is taking his science fair exhibit to Nationals! His topic was whether or not homosexuality was genetic or a choice. There was some controversy over whether he could bring it or not, but in the end science and curiosity won! Yah!
another fabulous Day ends.