Thursday, January 10, 2008

Space Day at work

Security Supervisor's log stardate: 080110
Id badge: 528197
Notes supplied by previous crew: Possible alien invasion suspected.

##I'm not really worried about this development. This girl could fly herself, and us, home.##

Checked computor diagnostics: Running well.
Relieved command of helm to Robot second. Proceeding to podatric duty, including external ports. Southern ports airtight.

##It's cold outside, but beautiful##

Disposal units, Recycling system, and Living quarters: Top notch

##Just a few of the items on my laundry list to keep this bird afloat. It's mostly blinking lights and wires though, too advanced for me to understand anymore. You could call me an electrical janitor, I guess.##

Proceeding to western wing.

##Sometimes I get too poetic about my job, but when you're stuck between a howling engine powering a system as big as a globe, and the vast silent terribleness of space, you think some. S'pose that's why I took this job way out here.##

Life Support units 1-4: Fine.

##I try not to think too much though. There are so many secluded storage units here. Too tempting to sit and just think. We had a guy last lunar cycle lose himself in the hologram room. Work is key to avoid existential crisis, which could easily prove fatal. My comm unit keeps buzzing at me, but I've got more pressing considerations##

Notify Maintenance and Engineering: North ports showing signs of stress.

##A friend of mine has left his projection system running while he's gone to stasis. Further inspection of the area reveals someone else has resurrected the lost art of Bay-King, and has given us a Caik. A singular treasure. I just hope my enzymes can process it.##

Transporter 3: Operational

##I'm always a little worried that one of these things will malfunction and little bits of me will get mixed with other little bits. I hear tell that people way back on earth used to work by the constant light of a sun. I wonder what that would be like, rather then working by the shine of all the chorme here?##

4100 systems: go

##Someone has spilled a carbohydrate packet on the manual access to deck two. Damn. I like that flavor.##

Check in with mothership: Automated positive response.
Male Gender identifying entities waste disposal and Bacterial removal unit: smells.
Excess data packets: Reassigned to quarters.

##Some of the previously beautiful alien fauna we've brought onboard has perished. The "godliness" technician is in at an unusual cycle. He's a member of the bipedal species called "humans", and my mouth cannot replicate his speech, but we nod to each other. A universal sign of solidarity in blank space. I'm lost again, out deck 3's transparency screen. All those tiny points of light. I guess I'll join them soon. I can feel it.##

Deck three's IDF room: Secure.

##I check out the new design specifics on some prototype mechs being displayed on someone's desk. Pretty good.##

Returning to helm to relieve second-in-command for scheduled maintenance.

##After ordering some auditory stimulation, I request some Nachos(tm) from the replicator machine. I still thank them back. Old habits die hard, I guess.##

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