Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Go Foxy!

Go me, It's my birfday! Yes, for real, real, not just play, play!
Yah! Birthdaaaaay! And my firstest present is not only Harry Potter 6, preorder, but also preordered "Thud!" by Terry Pratchett, the greatest freakin Author alive!
I am the happiest camel ever!
BTW, for the record. I'm now officially 20.

Monday, June 27, 2005

Oh yah, one more thing.

Almost forgot! I'm thinking of joining the reserves! So for all you military wannabe's, you can follow the progress with me! And you can't tell, but I'm scared out of my mind! Before you hack my head off for joining something that scares me, I joined Cadets many years back, and I miss it so much, I simply have to do this. Something about the military gets into your blood, and won't let go. "You can take the tiger out of the jungle, but you can't take the jungle out of the tiger!" Hobbes, Calvin and Hobbes. Ironically, did you know that Hobbes was named for the renowned philosopher, Thomas Hobbes? No, serious. Look it up.

Sunday, June 26, 2005

Why must everyone subvert my efforts?

*clutches head* The notorious rapper 50 cent has made the statement that he would make a good role model. "do what I do, not what I say". Few statements infuriate me more than this one. In either way (say not do, do not say) Why should there be a difference?Do as you say, say as you do. This reduces cognitive dissonance for all involved. If anyone has listened to 50's lyrics, it becomes obvious why he can't do that. Or compose a simple sentance. Or seduce a woman. "I touch the right spot at the right time." 50 cent Candy Shop. "My mamma gone, you can stay the night. I'm not playin', I'm tryin' to fuck tonight. Lights off, hands up, face down, Ha-ha." 50 Cent Jus' a lil bit. I wish I were making these up. However, they speak for themselves. I'd like to rant about the objectification of women. Before your brain turns off, like society has programmed you to do in response to "feminist" ideas, let me through something your way. Why must a successful woman dress sexily? The media shows powerful women barely dressed. Why is that? I would like, if I could, to eliminate any gender impurities, and simply be a scholor. I hate the fact that my opinions are dismissed because I'm a woman. Or younger for that matter. I'm sort of rambling in this post, but on a happy note, my birthday is in a few days!!! Yah me!

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

My Awesome Family

Seriously. my family is so cool. I know everyone says this, but I mean it. Back where my family lives we had lawn installed when we first moved in. It was okay for a few years, then dwindled, then one summer, just died. The next year my dad fertilized in a desperate attempt to make it okay. Nothing doin. So this year we've rototilled the entire yard, dug everything up. and now, in the middle of our town, we're growing potatoes in our front yard. I personally, think that's awesome. Just awesome.
figured I'd leave my readers with a few happy thoughts after that last nasty post.

World changes

Well great. In the space of a day, my life has just reversed. Not completely, but still enough to make me sincerly pissed off. My bestest best friend, Jared (mentioned numerous times elsewhere) and I saw his dad on Father's day (normal, eh?) Apparently I said something that panicked his sister. She phones Jared's mom and expresses worry that I'm "stringing him along". Valid worry, right? So Jared's mom phones him (while he's at work) and makes him all worried. Jared phones me up, I'm half asleep, neither of us have any idea what was said. Hour later, Jared's mom phones me (I'm still sleepy) She tells me that it's okay to be friends, just don't string him along, blah, blah. (meddle, meddle, meddle) I cut the convo short (after about a half hour) by saying "you're my employer, I'm your employee, this is going to make things weird at work. Jared and I will work things out. Thank you." and hung up. I'm sick of feeling like i'm ruining Jared's life, so I pack up my shit (I was at his place) and head to his work to give him his keys. I tell him we'll talk later, and head to my friend's place to be held and cry for a while. His mother phones to ask if I'm upset with her, and I say I am. she talks some more, I insist that this is not good b/c she's my boss. she assures me that this was outside emploee relations and that she has every right to meddle cause she's Jared's mom. I ask "what did you do for Jared's birthday?" reply? "nothing" and I simply say, "Duly Noted." We make appropriate good-byes and hang up. half a min later, the cafe manager phones (from J's mom's cell) and says "You're fired." What? Why? "oh, I could name 10 things off the top of my head." Please do, I'd love to know. "Because I said so." (insert massive tyrade including horrible language *fuck every second word* about how dare I speak to a mother that way, etc. Am I a mother? etc.) She then threatens to "kick [my] fucking ass" and I reply No, I don't think you will. "Why not?" Because you're just a huge bully and this conversation is over. much crying ensues. Half hour later she phones back to offer me two weeks , which I accept. I go get Jared from work, we talk.
Next Day
I phone my mother for alternate reasons, and end up telling her everything. She comiserates. (I love my Family so much!) fifteen minuets later my Dad phones. In that short span, he's gotten all the info from mom, and has called the Employment standards board to get legal info. (see why I love my Family? they're so awesome! Next blog: my awesome family!) He says he really doesn't want me to go back in there, and after some thought, I agree. I phone employment standards, find out that I'm entitled to a week's pay, write up a letter, and phone to inform J's mom and the manager that I won't be returning to work at all, that I will be leaving a letter that is request for wages, and will be talking to the district manager (in charge of my cafe company) about the issue. Jared talks to his mom to tell her that we will work this out, stop interfering, he's happy. Jared's mom later phones me to mention she talked to Jared, she's doing something (who knows what) about the manager, can we put this behind us?, can you get another job soon?, and apologizes. I'm glad something is happening with the manager. The crap she's put the cafe through is phenominal. (not just me, many other employees) I now need to procure another job, however, and it seems clear that Jared's mom and I will not be getting along. Let alone his sister who undoubtably thinks I'm some sort of crazed hussy who uses her brother. Nor do I know what to do about Jared. I love him. A lot. I want what's best for him, but I don't know whether I want to marry him or not. Geez. If anyone has any thoughts, let er rip.
what a huge post, and what a crappy day.
I just wish that I could tell everyone involved that I love Jared, I want what's best for him. You had no right to fire me. I was an impeccible employee. I just wish I could rant and rave to their faces, but in cases like these, It's best to hold your tongue. Lest you regret it.

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Oopdate, dear comrade, Oop!

If anyone gets the above quote, contact me. But anyway, I realized it had been a while since the internet was subjected to my piercing voice, so I figured I would update to ensure this thing doesn't die. School=out but I have been accepted to the University of Alberta (think that gives away too much local? who cares) and my Cafe where I work has been overtaken by a bully who inisists she's manager. She has fired half the crew (I include people who quit out of moral peril, as being fired) and the other half is very worried. My friend, who has been previously mentioned, was fired as well. Depressing me. I digress. We must go buy some tomatos.