Monday, July 04, 2005

Margret Cho Revolution

OMG! Has anyone else seen this movie? And fallen completely in LOVE with Margret Cho? If you have a spare evening, go get it. Serious. It's a bit slow running, but it's quite funny, and her face is incredible! How anyone can make those expressions is beyond me.
" not...the Salad...of my people!" *Rarr!*


Confidence. What a funny thing, huh?
There has been a deveopment in the previously mentioned work case. The manager has not been fired. The owner says she "will deal with the issue." I gave her three days, and then i will be contacting the district manager. The manager phones me to ask "Do you really think you can do anything?" As a result, despite the back-up I have, I'm worried. Isn't it strange how something so small as the manager's brain can worry me?
As well, this past weekend, I spent with my family, burning my back in strange shapes, and generally enjoying myself. However, a development occurs. My mother, bless her, now has my blog address. My initial reaction was shock, horror, and a desperate urge to get to a computor so I could modify my Blog to be more tidy. Then I thought, 'Wait. My mother wants to know me: What's happening in my life, What I'm thinking, and How I'm growing."
Despite how crazy, out there, and crudly put my opinions are, they are me. I can't modify them. I am who I am. I need to be proud of my misogyny, fascination with sex, and often over-trustingness.
So, here we are. If you've remembered the URL, and found this site, this is me, Mommy. Just remember, this is pure, concentrated, me. I'm like kool-ade. Better when watered by everyday life.