Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Ironic apocalypse soap

In my purse I have a small bar of soap. I keep it there in case anything bad ever happend, because few things make me feel better and more capable than being clean. But then I thought, "What could ever happen that would be so bad I wouldn't have access to soap?" Naturally, the apocalypse. But then I realized, if the apocalypse happens, noone will care what I smell like. Thus it is ironic apocalypse soap. The soap is ironic, not the apocalypse.

(P.s. Roots: I intended to post a comment replying to your last comment, but after 7 tries, couldn't get it, I decided to wait until I had access to a computor. I'm not sure how long that will be...)

Friday, May 15, 2009

Bill 44

Oh for heaven's sake.
The newest hot button issue being debated around tables of the socially- conscious is Bill 44, a bill to include into Alberta's human rights law the right to exempt their children from classes teaching concpets the parents disagree with (for example evolution, religon, sex and it's orientations). Many liberals are declaring this would "[strike] another blow against critical thinking in schools and extend one of the bleaker elements of its history".
I do not have children. I'm not sure I will ever have children. But I know, between my parents and the revolving door of "grab-bag" teachers (some of whom were excellent, others...less so) who I would trust with my upbringing. I may not believe in what you say, but i will defend, to the death, your right to teach it to your children. This is being touted as a way to eliminate discrimination that many parent pass on to their offspring, but this is not the vehicle to do it in. To do so, we need to eliminate discrimination in the adults, not estrange children from their parents. Society today has enough things ripping the family apart, we do not need another one causing children to question the first authority they will ever know.
Furthermore, teachers are not all the overarching bearers of unbiased information that we would love them to be. Some have feelings. Some are politically motivated. What can be done to combat the uncomfortable suggestion that a teacher may have access to hundreds of fresh minds? At least parents only have access to their own child. A bigoted parent will do less damage than a bigoted teacher.
The common objection, here, is that knowledge is better than ignorance and that children should be aloowed access to all schools of thought to encourage tolerance. This is true, and I agree, but this is not the place to do it. If a tree is rotten on the inside, do we cut off the leaves, grafting them onto an already burdened tree? The proper step would be to nourish the base of the tree and watch the branches heal. Children are in difficult enough situations. Lets not make them worse.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Pink rainstorm

I remember
my mother
she made me
strawberry spinich salad
she made me
finish my homework
she made me
proud of myself
she made me
remember other's feelings
she made me
tall and attractive
she made me
dance to piano music
I remember
my mother
she made me

Sunday, May 03, 2009

High Figs (a.k.a. update)

I wish I had something more exciting to post, but this will have to do. We passed the "fifteen day" mark within which to post our statement of defence (Saturday. I had a small party to observe the occasion. By party, I mean booze), but my lawyer assures me it's not necessary yet. Currently it's just talking; Not even official negotiating. However my friend, the driver of our errant vehicle, has not been served yet because the army has whisked him away. Not far away, just away. Teehee. I'm not worried though, I'm taking a criminology course! Wait'll the chief justices get a load of me! Carries a pistol and can say "Mens rea" without snorting! Able to leap medium sized sandcastles in a single bound with a running start and good tail wind! Now, where's my lasso?

In honor of my daddy, the mayor

There once was a man from High Level,
said "This weather can go to the devil."
He set out to be mayor;
His first edict declar'd?
"One summer shall now become Sev'ral."