Tuesday, October 03, 2006


In light of the recent tragedies of Pennsylvania, Colorado, and Montreal, I feel the need to speculate on what we as a people can do to curb these disgusting attacks.
Many cry for gun control. The problem is that is isn't. Control, I mean. In Montreal, at least, the guns were all legal, and registered. It didn't save anyone, did it. Although I believe gun registration will help police solve previously un-solved crimes, in being able to compare bullets to guns to owners, however, this should be a back-up plan; not the entirity of our massacre prevention methods. Even if we take away everyone's guns, people will find other way to do this. Explosives, knives, heavy blunt objects. It's just conveniant to do it with a gun.
The problem that we are ignoring when we cry for gun control is the desire. We need to examine why people decide to do this in the first place. What is it that causes a married father of three to line up and systematically shoot innocent young girls? Pennsylvania is a perfect example of why "who" is being shot does not matter. The killer didn't care who he shot, just so long as he shot some young girls.
Personally, I would like to run to the idea that it must be a mental unbalance, a chemical disorder. I find it hard to believe that everyday life could conpell someone to these extremes. Not when the aggression is so varied, and so un-specific. These people, these maniacs, are just angry. Does anger really come from fear, as Yoda suggests? Fear of what? Although young girls can be somewhat tormenting at times, I doubt they would provoke the kind of fear required for this. Is it possible that there is a tumor in the amygdala of every one of these killers? Unlikely, but not impossible.
What are we turning into?

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