Wednesday, October 18, 2006

This just in: AA supports LSD

Let me summarize this for you, early in the morning; LSD makes you have hallucinations that cause you to believe in God. Therefore it is easier to quit drinking because Alcoholics Anonymous place step 2 of a 12 step program is "Believe there is a high power at work".
... And LSD is good for this?
Put something outside your body, people. That's what you need. If it's other people who care about you (you also need to acknowledge this care) or a God that does, or hell, if you firmly believe that your b aseball team will lose if you aren't healthy. Who gives a crap what. If you live for something other than yourself, you'll put more value on your life.
Not that tough.
But, um...Can I try some LSD anyway? :)

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