Thursday, September 28, 2006

Happy Boys and Happy Girls

With the most sly-ly driven nail finally pounded into the coffin of feminism, we have no other choice but to begin driving the big obvious "right-the-fuck-here" nails.
In a recent ruling , women have been accepted into the men's hockey league. Go us, right? However, in a backstabbing of macabre proportions, Men are not allowed into the women's league. What the hell?
The "Boy" was apparantly dropped from "boy scouts", and girls were allowed in. However, boys are not allowed in girl guides.
Women-Why are we tolerating this? A noted female politician stated that "Girls groups need to be protected." Screw you! I'm not accepting this molly-coddling bullshit unless the men gotta eat it too! Why is feminism gleefully driving down the wrong side of the road? Either it's a one-way street or it ain't! I had heard people say that feminism was more concerned with being better than men, and I defended it. "No it isn't!" I would say, "No-one would be that ridiculous!" Well, damnit. Thank's for getting my back, girls! This is a giant leap back, under the guise of being a step forward. It used to be we were fighting the institutional sexism. The diagnoses of "hysteria" or "frigidity"; fighting the belief that women were too weak-willed to vote, or own a house, or work. Women fought that. Suffragettes rallied, and protested, and some even died. And for what? So we could muck up their golden dream.
Damnit. You know what? If more of this shit goes on, maybe we should lose the vote...

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