Sunday, September 05, 2010

You're in

For the readers not picking tinfoil pasties out of their garbage disposal, my lovely city Edmonton hosted Lady Gaga this weekend. Although I did not attend the resulting spectacle, we upheld the finest traditions of pandering to stars. To be honest, I'm not sure the resulting fiasco was not a stunt.

In Rexall Place, the main arena for shows in Edmonton, there is a giant sign reading "Oil Country". Workman preparing the stage for Gaga apparently removed an "o" to accomadate for a spotlight. Now, I'll be honest, it took me a while to realize that it wasn't the phrase "il country" that people were talking about.

Anyway, Gaga tweeted the photo with the accompanying caption "Holy mother of laughter", which is pretty politically correct of her, and now people are upset. They charge it was obscene, and she shouldn't have said that, blah blah blah.

Let's be honest, Gaga's music is sexy. It is about sex. It alludes to sex, and various other depravities. She is not very talented, compared to many other artists out there; people watch her for the show. And if they're watching her for the show, they're probably noticing the sex, so it's not like people watching Gaga are immune to this crap.

The objection raised by our mayor, Stephen Mandel, is that "some things are disgusting and you shouldn't have to say they're disgusting...". Now, I might be misunderstanding this incorrectly, but if you were aware that somemone might take the new sign in the wrong way, perhaps it shouldn't have been done? What exactly does he mean by "shouldn't have to say they're disgusting"? If people are upset she noticed, perhaps they should not invite disaster? Are they objecting that she noticed, or that she drew attention to it? Because anyone paying attention to The Gaga, should probably be aware that filthy words exist.

Additionally she did not even specify what was funny about the sign; she only mentioned that there was something humerous, leaving the reader to use their own filthy imagination. I think the only objection is that she showed us what kind of perverted minds we all have. As her role as an artist, I salute her.

Finally, it's all just a graduation of the strange relationship we have with words. If Shakespeare can refer to lady's genitals in such a vulgar fashion, it's not exactly avant-guarde for Lady Gaga to do so. So I leave us all with the immortal words of the philosopher Dosquatch, "Manners and civility are the grease that make the make the machinery of society go forth.Politcal Correctness puts the focus on word choice rather than intent, and is sand in the gears."

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Roots said...

I think people get far too uptight about things like this. So what if someone screws up unwittingly and people laugh about it? Shit happens! Shrug it off and have a chuckle and move on with life, knowing not to make the same mistake twice and to perhaps find new ways to mount your lights.

Overall, I think this has been blown way out of proportion. Let's face it, regardless of the sign, when you remove a letter from it it's always funny. Mistakes are meant to be made, laughed about and corrected. Not to get all huffy about. Seriously people, let's get a little maturity instead of throwing a little hissy fit. :p