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Mayoral Candidate: Dave Dowling

Even without the added modifier of "Edmonton Mayoral race" the search for "Dave Dowling" results are all relevant. The first being a blog he apparently wrote for several years prior, but the latest was 2008 wishing us all a "happy holiday". A quick scan through however, especially focusing on his post about "the one true religion", which is apparently scientific theism, causes me to wonder if the man is not short a few crackers. Although he is currently ranking higher in bravery than all other candidates (even the solider Daryl Bonnar) because back in 2007 he declared himself winner of the mayoral race, then proceeded to challenge the current mayor to a fight. He also replied to this post, his own post, four times. I'm praying at this point that this is a joke website or perhaps a misspelling. I have rechecked my spelling three times. I think I may have to go back to my original sources.

So I have ascertained that this is at least the correct spelling, but in fairness, I shall continue the search for the "real Dave Dowling" (Would he please stand up?). Amending my search to include "Edmonton mayoral candidate" returns a more recent blog, including the nomination date and the platform. The new blog is, notably, written much in the same style as the old one, with spelling errors (yes, yes pot, kettle, black, now shush), grammatical errors, and functionally the same literary style (think 8th grader with a serious chip on his shoulder) but in fairness, we should disregard the first blog. Even if it is hilarious.

He repeatedly informs the reader that he is not taking donations (put back those platinum visas, everyone) and wishes them to donate to David Suzuki or the Edmonton food bank instead, perhaps because he feels solidarity with all those crackers.

September 18th he posted an open letter to the current mayor "Mr. Mandell [sic]" advising him to take some time off, leave the mayoral race, and  encourage everyone he knows to vote for Mayor Dowling. He is already calling himself Mayor Dowling. The man has got stones. He should run for mayor in Vegas.

Enough fun, folks, we're down to brass tacks.
Dave Dowling's vision is called the "$10 billion dollar vision [sic]" and is posted in all capitals on his main website. The ten billion dollar dollar vision is as such:
-$3 billion for non-fast tracked LRT, road, and bike paths to lower the cost of LRT expansion
-$1/2 billion to improve water quality
-$1/2 billion for the new arena and "downtown envitalization"
-$4 billion to take Edmonton off the grid, using alternative power supplies and to make city vehicles non-polluting.
-$1 billion for low-income housing and food banks
-$1 billion to improve schools and "library's [sic]" in Edmonton

There you have it. Concerned taxpayers may be wondering where this money is going to come from. Never fear, my Dear Reader, we're going to hostage ourselves to the federal government.
I'm sorry?
We are going to hold a referendum, asking the people of Alberta if they would like to separate and receive a $5000 cheque every year, yes or no, and then we will tell the federal government that we will separate if they don't meet our demand of  $10 billion. Foolproof.

Some other points of interest include:
-sending police officers back to school to learn how to serve and protect better.
-focusing on core services instead of "white elephants"
-better democratic process: longer voting hours, more accessible stations, a month to nominate candidacy, more disclosure of donations.
-promises to close city center airport, pave it over to make a park, and build a new on in ward 3 or 4
-supports allowing the Katz group to build a new arena so long as it does not involve new taxes.
-stopping the practice of "dumping raw sewage into the river". (I'm putting this issue at the top of my concerns.)
-promises a "line by line" examination of the budget. He informs us that we should follow his example; he is only spending twenty dollars on his campaign budget. Given that the candidacy fees for mayor are $500 I'm disappointed to find "Mayor Dowling" is lying to us already. I felt the need to ask this on his blog, I shall keep you all appraised of the answer.
-insists that he was talking about the poverty problem "years ago", and promises to involve the federal and provincial governments in the fight for low-income housing and food banks to fight poverty.

I am disappointed to find there is not much alternative information available on Mr. Dave Dowling. Most links from a search of his name linked to a brief mention as a mayoral candidate. Global Edmonton, bless their hearts, included this paragraph on his candidacy:

"Dave Dowling is 50 years old, and his occupation is currently unknown. He is campaigning for change in areas such as global warming, poverty, loss of natural environment, and transforming the airport into a park."

God bless us, everyone, when we can still take a step back from our hectic lives and focus on the important issues like turning the city center airport into a park. I can't stop saying that. Into a park.

In closing, I bid you all farewell, and please; Don't forget to vote for Mayor Dowling!

UPDATE: 24/09/10
In response to my query about the discrepency between his $20 budget and the $500 candidacy fee, Mr. Dowling has responded that the city of Edmonton does not consider it part of campaign fees, and that he is not hiding anything because he will be filing a campaign expense form, which will be publicly available in city hall, and if his word is not good enough for me, then too bad.
I've responded asking him why he won't voluntarily including it, and how the form will prove that he is not hiding anything, since it will only show what he wants me to see.

UPDATE: 25/09/10
He is mad at me, accusing me of ulterior motives, and wondering why I am goading him into doing possibly illegal things such as adding the nomination fee to his campaign fee disclosure form. (When I asked why he would not add it voluntarily, I specified "If it is not illegal" because I am paranoid.) He also visited my site and declared it "trashy". Is this what being famous feels like? It feels wonderful.

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