Monday, September 20, 2010


The compounding of two variables (1. Low weeping tolerance as a result of hormones, 2. Heartrending stories about the plea for continued assistance in Haiti) set in the public environment of the university has required that this blog-post be rather dry, or risk public embarassment.

It is a stupid problem to have, but I am running the risk of ruining my back with too much gear to carry around. Since starting school, necessity dictates I must bring all my school affairs with me to work, I leave them in the car, but when I arrive at the bus terminal to park for the day, I have to bring all my school stuff with me, I just don't have the time to be popping back and forth all the time for textbooks and the like. I have pared the books down to only the bare minimums, but between them, the netbook, and binder, my bag's quite distended. (not even including my purse.) So far, this has been acceptable. The real issue comes when I consider food.
I don't have the finance to simply buy food at school all the time, but it is also ungainly and unweildy to bring a large tupperware container with me everywhere. If I wrap things individually, they are usually so abused as to be almost unrecognizable by lunchtime.
This wouldn't even be a big issue were it not for the fact that usually I don't bring enough, to save space. I'm a "robust" lady, and it takes a fair number of calories to power this muscley butt. What I am seeking, in essence, is a high-calorie, but lower fat or sodium, non-sugar-filled, food source. I tried nuts for a while, and they are my best alternative, were it not for how expensive they can be. Plus I have to run to the bathroom almost constantly since in order to feel full, I have to drink a lot of water.
I've also debated smoothies and the like, but have yet to settle on the recipie, and carrying liquids is quite hazardous, and water based smoothies tend to be grainy.

My, you're whining a lot.
Ah, yes, my Dear Reader, I am, but if I can be forgiven, my reason is a compelling one. It used to be the case that I would just bring some meat or vegetables in a little container, and order a plate of rice from Edo Japan, for about $2 (occasionally noodles for $3 if I was spoiling myself) It was always perfect, they'd give me sauce with it, and I didn't have to carry anything, but achieved a hot meal. Alas, in the years since my departure, they have abandoned this practice.
I was trying to think of some alternatives when a newspaper article caught my attention; it was on the top five "forest destroying foods", and darned if the top five, in the order I give a crap about, weren't beef, rice, corn, soy, and palm oil. For crying out loud, how's a "jet-setting" (well, bus-setting) gal supposed to eat without feeling like she's the reason Brazil has to export bad waxes?
I'm at a loss.

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Roots said...

So let me get this straight. You need a high calorie meal which is compact and easy to serve while maintaining a semblance of balanced diet? You, my dear writer, are not alone in this endeavor. Man has been trying to find a convenient compact food source that meets all these needs for years and sadly has come up short of it.

However, as always I am not without a little advise. You may not have time to go back and forth to your vehicle between classes, but surely on a lunch break you have time to run to your car and fetch your lunch. Following this logic you can simply purchase a lunch a container (such as this one fit all your food needs inside and all are kept cool with the conveniently included ice pack. If you already have your own set then simply adding an ice pack solves temperature problems. As for what to eat, I always follow the recommendation of chocolate milk and bananas as they are nutrition packed and have plenty of calories for your active lifestyle with a chicken or turkey sandwich (Dressings I would suggest are lettuce tomato pepper and lite salad dressing) and nature valley sweet and salty granola bars for a snack on the go.

Now let's follow the assumption you DON'T have time to go to your car on your lunch break and therefore must carry your food with you for quick access. I would recommend a single container of pasta. It is a little inconvenient to have to make it the night before but it's delicious cold or warm and depending on the sauce/spices/herbs you cook it with it can have a variety of flavors and is quite filling on it's own.

However, if you find a nutritious food-source which is cheap and compact I would highly recommend seeing if it's been patented yet, because you stand to make billions.