Friday, September 03, 2010

Domo Arigato

Life. We creep into it, steathily we creep into it, in increasing bits. So ungainly and awesome we cannot bring ourselves to understand it all in one go. it must be fed to us in bites, like food when we are babies. There is no point where we remember becoming self-aware, no second when the weight of existence is aparent to us, but a graduation of self-understanding.

When artifcial intellegence finally comes about, the very nature of our understanding of birth will change. From the second an A.I comes into being it is perfectly and completely aware of every aspect, every nature of existence, every faucet of being is rendered in one hundred percent.

Humans are modest, we must be. The intrinsic nature of our faulty memory demands that everyone at some point must second guess themselves, wonder, or be mistaken. Earliest memory comes in soft blips and fuzzy waves.

But Intellegence is different. It has no second guessing. No quibbling or thinking. How will this change the nature of our society? A perfect record, we can only become more comitted to our decisions, more sure of ourselves in our actions. History may not change however, since it is in the nature of humans to alter history to their own design.

Some elements will remain, of course, the haunting fear that someone has altered our consciousness. People always fear that they have forgotten important things, that something traumatizing has wiped clean our slate; intellegence,of course, will likely harbor the same fear, that someone has altered their registry, ruined their memory.

Perhaps advancements in healing artificial intellegence's fears will provide advancements in our own psychological healing. From watching the disorder grow, through the healing process, to the aftermath; it will allow us to notice the difference between a healthy thought pattern and an unhealthy pattern within the same mind. Allowing the comparison of a guaranteed healthy system will enable us to determine when we can "stop" the healing, and allow the person to continue to grow on their own.

All these are exciting new developments that we can look forward to once we have developed a sovereign system of awareness.

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Roots said...

It's interesting that you would think that studying an AI's development would lead to more discovery of human psychological development. There may be some truth to that, however, unless an AI is programmed to have emotion I don't think it will ever equate to the human psyche.

A computer can only see numbers and the surface problems of a situation, it can't possibly be able to decipher the depths of the human psyche because a man had to have programmed it and it can't possibly learn what we ourselves have not achieved.

I'm not saying that to sound proud or arrogant. It's just a computer can only react to stimuli provided and no matter how complex the program it may have to simulate emotion, it still has to get around the input data, output appropriate reaction. Human emotion is much more complex then that.

However, I do believe that AI could prove to be a valuable tool in scientific research being able to do massive amounts of calculations faster then we could.