Wednesday, November 07, 2007


I almost forgot.
Othello, the ballet.
Brilliant costumes colored in pink, red, maroon, burgundy, gold, a set which was perfect in it's simplicity featuring airy swaths of fabric suggesting eveything from walls to stormy skies, and the choreography was pleasant. The dancer playing Iago was perfectly heinous. A true villian from his black jerkin to the tip of his gyrating toe. The only character which came close was Casio's love interest, Bianca, who coveyed sheer lust so effectivly, that her applause was loudest, despite having maybe 7 minutes on stage. She sashayed, she strutted, she tango-ed, Hell, I think she may have even rhumba-ed. With two huge flowers in her hair, she frolicked her way on stage, and made off with the audience's heart. The love affair between her and Casio threatened to steal the show were it not for the fact that the main couple was soon to die afterwards.

The only problems; The actor playing Othello wasn't black. The only important detail about the characters at all, and they botch it.
The funny thing was, in the play, Othello suffers from seizures. When Iago convinces him that Desdemona is cheating on him, he has a fit. I assumed this would be conveyed in subtle dance tones, and perhaps imaginative lighting. Oh no. Hell no. The actor threw himself on stage and had a seizure. (probably not a real one). I was awestruck. My jury is still out as to whether this was brilliant, or inept.

All in all, totally worth seeing.

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