Wednesday, November 28, 2007

If comics are any indication...

The thing I'm going to like the most about the future is the food.
No, I'm serious. Read "Transmetropolitan" and tell me some of that food doesn't sound crazy good. Or My second favoritest webcomic, "Templar, Arizona":

"I'd like a coke, please."
"Honey Garlic, Cayenne Chocolate, or Yogurt Plum?"

Oh yes.
Perhaps it is simply that I can not identify with the subject's lifestyle, it being so strange from my own, but Eating is somewhat universal. I cannot guess what it tastes like, but I can speculate.

Maybe I'm just writing this post because I believe everyone should read Transmet and Templar.
Oh well.

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Anonymous said...

I have a coffee-flavoring sprinkle called Mexi that, I swear, is chocolate and cayenne pepper. It's very good! Yah, food is universal. I never believe those futuristic scenarios where food has been turned into a daily tablet; since when have we consistently chosen "good for you" over "tastes good"?
lol, mapa