Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Enough is the hell enough.

I work nights. It's true. I am up from midnight to eight in the morning.
I am also heavily involved in several other endeavors in my life including Kung Fu, Police volunteering, and Secretary of animethon. I'm pretty busy. I don't usually get a lot of sleep. Sleeping during the day makes it especially tempting to cut short my sleeping hours to get more things done during daylight hours.

When, however, did it become socially acceptable, even considered "a joke", to tell me I look tired?!
I don't tell people when they look ignorant, or hungry, or anything else wrong, but at least once a day a person I don't know will say, "You look tired.".

I actually make the effort to do my hair, make sure my uniform is clean and tidy, and make sure my manner is bright, and pleasant.

So Why the hell do people tell me this?!

And how the hell do I respond?! My usual response is, "I'm fine, thank you, how are you?" But I think perhaps it is time for a crusade against this rude casual remark. I wish I could respond with, "and you look stupid, but in a minute both of us will look angry."

Siiigh. What I wouldn't give for a mandatory "social graces" course.

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