Thursday, November 15, 2007

Flames to dust, Lovers to Friends, why do all good things come to an end?

STOP TRIVIALIZING THE LADY SHORTCAKE! SHE DOES NOT ACCEPT YOUR PUNY ATTEMPTS AT HUMOR! Her reign will rule over all in a flood of sugary tears and gnashing of cavity filled teeth! At her right hand, Mistress Muffin will march forth with a licorice fist to crush the uprising! The seas will boil to deep fry all who resist!Their families will be baked in the heat of the desert, then frosted and devoured! The world shall be razed, and used as a mixing bowl to further refine the treacle mined in the pits of other planets! All shall work until they are consumed! Then you will know the true power of Strawberry! AND DO NOT SQUEEZE THE PROPHETESS CHELLE! SHE IS THE BEARER OF THE WORD MADE ICING! DAMNIT STOP LAUGHING!

On a more serious and happy note; I have an interview with the police force for Saturday to determine my suitability for volunteering with them. They have even started to pohone my references. I'm so excited!!

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