Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Kung Fu

I had always believed that Kung Fu was in fact, a myth. A term made up to describe a child's fascination with "ass-kicking". I have recently come to discover, in my endeavor to learn a martial art, that this is not so.

After attending a few dojos, I found one which suits my liking, at the university of Alberta. The program teaches Wing Chun style Kung Fu (oh you know I feel badass just saying that) and numbers over 50 strong. it is a seriously huge class. I'm gratefied to note that I am not the oldest one present, as was the case with the last class I had attended.

The style itself is rather beautiful, featuring a series of blocks and blows that originate from the sternum, aiming at the opponenet's sternum. It is a style of subtle turns, shifts, and redirection. The blocks become almost effortless. Although it is aimed at being a strictly function, energy-efficient style, they are teaching us a few stances that simply look pretty, and focus one's energy. I have learned so far the: Horse stance (much like riding a horse), Bow stance (Like a lunge at full-forward), the cat stance (all weight on one back, bent leg, the front leg slightly bent and gracefully curved. Crazy tiring), and the monkey stance (consisting of a series of stances and moves which, when put together, look "really bitchin'"). I am sore all over, but I can't wait for the next class. The instructors are patient, and the timing is good; if I am sensible, I can stop at home, from the class, for a half-hour, then depart to catch my bus for work. If I'm not sensible, I can just bring my uniform and lounge in the gym showers for a half-hour or more.

Now to gush like a child;
When I used to watch Mulan, (yes, the disney movie, shush)I loved the shoes they wore for training. Little, black, almond shaped with a gold stripe around the bottom, I thought they were adorable. and, like Kung Fu, I had thought them fake. They totally aren't. Silly me. I need to obtain a pair cause, damn. SO CUTE. Couple them with the uniform of Kung Fu, and I'm sure I'll feel legitimate!

Ah, I jest. I've picked it up remarkably quickly, and the instructor has had only a few brief suggestions during class for me. I feel gratified. :) My next class is tonight, but I may be unable to attend, due to bad timing with my Certified Protection Officer training, which I thought had been moved to Thursday. Now I'm so confused I don't know what's what.
More later.


Anonymous said...

Can one feel "badass" wearing pretty shoes?
lol, mapa

Michelle Ernst said...

Have you ever worn a pair of red stilettos?


On the other hand, I was given my uniform today, and the pants were crazy short, but I was late for class as is, so I just assumed they were supposed to fit like flood pants, but they aren't, so i stood out with my wretched ankles being so darn visible. I laughed about it with a sparring partner and she said I could be the "Kung Fu Harlot, standing there all Bifurcated". It makes me happy, but they are issuing me a better fitting pair.