Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Trip day the seventh, In which I travel to London, U.K.

Gate 33 seat 33A. This is a really good sign, I think. Plus, I'm over the wing.

The flight is uneventful, though I only sleep one hour, except for the shining triumph of obtaining TWO meals. Ha ha!

London smells incredible, and I'm so excited I may hurl. My train to Croyden leaves off platform 4, and let me tell you, it feels really awesome to say that. Luckily, it leaves in a few minutes, so I don't have time to take a run at the brick wall between platforms 9 and 10. The trains are so steady it's creepy, but every time they pass each other, there's a terrific "WHOOSH THUD" noise that scares the beejesus out of me.

The walk to my hotel is arduous, even more so due to my sleepy non-thinking state. I train to East Croyden, bus to West Croyden, bus back past East Croyden to (almost) crystal palace, walk an outrageously long time up a stupid steep hill, taking only a few wrong turns, toting my damn heavy bag (which I vow to strip of all useless items upon my imminent arrival), finally finding the hotel.
Marvel at the hotel.
It's fabulous!
It's brilliant!
It's all MINE!
It's got a bed!
I'm so tired!
I wake late in the afternoon to have a light lunch, and then proceed to subjugate Croyden. All of it. My knees ache from the walk, later, but I uncover a world of delights. The original site of the Crystal Palace, an actual hedge maze (forded in about 5 minutes, thank you) countless little pubs with more character then a Chapter in Tom Jones; London is so compact, so tight, the streets generously claim to be be 2 lane, with parking on the sides, but the cars whiz up and down these streets with not enough room for an anorexic locust in between them. If a new car paint shop opens in London, the accidents will be crippling. I wander the path called "Capital ring" for hours before getting supper (mac 'n' cheese). Returning to the hotel, I uncover a singular triumph, the crowning peak on the day; the room comes with a plug adapter (which I had foolishly neglected to acquire, and was a tad worried about). I crow about this while plugging in my much abused camera.
I am also somewhat embarrassed to admit that I spent the evening watching cheesy British shows. But well, they're kind of addictive.
I wonder if I can join the British army...?


Anonymous said...

Yah YOU! So glad that you're there, that you're having fun, that you're staying safely indoors in the evening! Wonderfully proud of you! Okay, too many exclamation points but that's how I feel. Can't wait to hear more!
Thanks so much for the texts. Tried to text you back but not sure if it worked.
LOL mapa

Michelle Ernst said...

nah. It wouldn't work cause I used the magic of the internets to send the text...for free! woot! but maybe I'll get it once I get back into Canada? That'd be a nice welcome! I feel full of exclamation marks too!
and also full of tylenol! Cause it's my wretched week!
What a way to ruin...well....actually, It hasn't ruined it, mostly just gave me an excuse to sleep in till 3 today, so I guess that's kind of a good thing, hehe! plus my bath is HUGE!