Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Trip day the second - In which I am useful and confused.

I wake in the morning to discover Jasmine has returned from Montreal, her blue rental car in the driveway and her door shut. After a jog around the neighborhood, discovering more fabulous scenery, a workout and a shower in which I need to balance on one foot in order to drain the tub with my other, I'm content to wait for Donna to come over so we can indoctrinate her into the fold of Dim Sum.
"You went to China, but never tried Dim Sum?"
"Ah, good. It's better in large groups, you'll love it."

There's Mourning Doves outside my window. God, they sound pathetic.

Since Jasmine wasn't really in the mood for Chinese food (damnit), we lunched at a fabulous place called "Cora's" That had a huge breakfast menu and the most phenomenal Omelette crepe. Really. An Omelette crepe, and good coffee.

After painting the halls, during which I gave thanks for my dad's tall gene, we walked to a live auction. I've never been before, and am a little worried about looking stupid. I'm number 162 with my eye on a lovely rotary phone, and a set of Matruchka dolls painted like soviet presidents (Stalin, Yeltsin, Putin, and Gorbachev). I wonder if I've inherited my Dad's impulsiveness at auctions.

I am the bemused owner of a brass moose.
No, It doesn't do anything. It just is.

Once I sufficiently recovered my senses, I bid on a fabulous box of costume jewelery. Bidding is easier then I thought, but I am still very conscious of my movements. I don't want to scratch and wind up buying a 300 dollar painting. Afterwards, I do pick up my moose, another object, which will be a surprise for someone, and my treasure chest. This is poured over like an archaeological dig, with about the same success. Lots of fun old stuff.
The evening is spent watching "Arrested development" and eating enough cherries to make myself a little ill.
I figure if I'm going to be sick anyway...

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