Monday, July 16, 2007

Trip day the 12th; In which I tan, and run into more Candians.

Wake late, eat breakfast, tan, try the pool.
Oh Yah, coolest umbrellas ever.
They hang, but also fold closed. There's no pole, you crank them up by a rope!

Figured I'd spoil myself today so I tried the sauna (holy crap! 60°!), the Turkish bath (smelled like wet cement) and got a massage (fell asleep in the middle).
Afterwards mostly just wandered around the area poking things. No-one wanted to listen to my Chirgulchin tho, I may have to wait until I get back to bathe in their dulcet tones again.

Also figured out that honking is a way of saying, "hey there!" and they'll do it. Even if it visibly scares the pants off you.

We have two restaurants in walking distance, but one wasn't open (no hours displayed either) the other didn't open till! Weird hours these people keep!

I've got a tour booked for tomorrow, covering all the main spots of Rome. Very exciting! Although they are very confusing as well, half of them are "San such and such" the other half are "Piazza what-have-you".

I spend the evening lounging in my bed watching Ranma 1/2 in Italian. (Ranma is a Japanese Anime populated by gender/species-changing individuals that are all in confusing love triangles) Strangely, it is just as understandable in Italian as it is in English. I think "body" should become an official language.

Well, ciao bella! (the second Italian phrase I have learned)


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a lovely day! How far are you from someplace like the Vatican or the Coliseum?
I'm at grandma's now.
LOL mapa

Anonymous said...

BTW, what was the first Italian phrase you learned?

Kib said...

Eeeeee! :D sounds like everything's going well which = great, keep us posted! *hugs*

Michelle Ernst said...

oops, thought I'd written somewhere, "mi scuzzi" was the first phrase I learned. Means, "sorry!"

Deliz said...

Keep up the good work.