Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Trip day the 13th, I'm which I assault women's cleavages.

Well,ditched the tour in favour of wandering around with some really cute Swedish guys. They speak English perfectly, but tend to lapse into Swedish when talking to each other; sometimes I don't notice, so they'll be talking, and then I have no idea what's going on. Or better, they'll be speaking Swedish, then change into English to talk to me, and I'll completely ignore them. Ah, sigh, the fun with languages. We bought tickets for a tour of the Coliseum (thus skipping the huge line!) however, it seems surprisingly small, especially from the inside. It is also far more damaged then I had thought. I mean, yes it's very old, but well, so is my great grandma. We toddled over to the arch of Constantine, which was nearly perfectly preserved, despite being around the same age (well, 200-300 years difference, who's counting?) Compared to the Coliseum, though, it was HUGE! For a big carved block of rock, it's pretty damn big!
Wandered up many side roads, getting multiple directions, to see the Trevi fountain, the Spanish steps, and the Piazza de Medinine. One of the neatest sights on the way, however, was a radio next to some paper cut outs of Mickey and Minnie, which were dancing to the music! I was astounded, formulating some theory about magnets and radio waves. They were dirt cheap, but I decided not to buy one. One of the Swedish men did, and I vowed to ask him later how they worked. At the fountain, we all threw in coins (myth says if you throw one in, you'll return to Rome, if you throw two in, you'll meet your Italian true love, and if you throw three in, you'll marry them. needless to say, I threw one in. However, this did not save me from fate attempting to spark my lesbian love career. I threw it into a woman's cleavage. Thank goodness, "Mi Scuzzi!" is my best phrase, and my sneakers were laced up tight.) We had some really great supper after that, (Penne Pasta for myself) and taxied home (which was really cheap, despite being from the center, and even divided four ways, which makes me wonder if I got fleeced on my cab ride to the hotel from the airport. Lost, huh? Yah, right.)

I'm hoping to see Vatican City tomorrow, but I may have twisted my ankle. Crap. Poot. Damn.

I also have some breath-taking photos! Which I hope to be posting on Facebook asap.
For the interested, I will be returning on the Friday of this week, at 11:15pm.

Oh boy,Oh boy!


Anonymous said...

Well, from freaking out because we hadn't heard from you in a couple of days, we now have a plethora of info! Sounds like a terrific day yesterday. Doesn't sound like they have much in the way of public transport though?
LOL mapa

Michelle Ernst said...

Actually the public transport is quite good (well, I havenàt needed to take any buses yet, but they seem good) the metro is really well thought out and very cheap. but we couldnàt seem to find the urban transport bus (l'autobus cotral) that would take us to the villa, and since there were so many of us, we figured itàd be worth it to cab. I think it was.

and this site is designed for me to spew plethora of data. it makes me haaappy. : )