Sunday, July 15, 2007

Trip day the 11th, In which I leave for Rome

oh shit.
Oh no.
No no no no no. No!
I've woken up at 7:30.
My flight left at 6:10.

What the hell do I do?

All my luggage is packed.
I am sitting on the bed, stuck. Completely.
I don't wanna stay here anymore.
Please send me to Rome.

The guy at the desk says it's possible to buy a one way ticket quite cheaply, so I'm going back to try and get some more sleep.
I don't think it's working.
Alright. I've got a ticket. It's kinda expensive but you know what?

The sun is shining, I feel pretty, God is good.
I think it's gonna be a wonderful day.

Wandered to Crystal Palace, after saying good-bye and thank you at the hotel, bused to East Croyden, then promptly got onto the wrong train. A non-stop to Brighton.
This isn't a problem, since I allowed several hours to travel to the airport, my ticket covers all available trips, and I get to talk to a fascinating man on my bas named Paul Hewlett, an Irish former boxer who now roofs and raises stallions. We laughed about London, he told me about his kids and Ireland (lives in Cork), I told him about my Dad who used to box, and we worried we would be thrown out of first class together.
If anything, this whole pile of poo has made me more excited to see Rome, and gave me a lasting good memory of London.

Plus, it was kinda funny, when I think about it. I ran out to the front desk to see what time it was (in case my clock was wrong) in my backwards jammies (thrown on too fast) with my hair all messed up, in my bare feet, but despite my panic, I still remembered to put in my contacts and grab my room card. Sometimes, I really astound myself.

I saw London,
Flew over France;
I'm in Rome, now,
watch me dance!

Shuttle wasn't at the airport.
ah, screw it.
Rented a cab.
We got lost.
We left Rome.
We entered Rome.
We toured Rome.

Finally, when I was about ready to pack it in and go to another hotel (I didn't have that much money on me, and was having horrific visions of myself sleeping on the roadside of Country Rome) we found it.

It. Is. Incredible.
No, wait, that doesn't do it justice; C'est Incroyable!
I'll describe it tomorrow; I'm so tired my eyes may fall out, and I haven't eaten at all today.
But I have to say this; I have a Bidet.
My toilet is a Bidet and my AC has a remote.
HA-HA World!

Just when life couldn't get any worse, now it couldn't get any better!

Okay I'm way too excited to sleep! I'll tell you about it now! My own TV, bathroom, all wood furniture, ceramic floor, patio door to the pool area, huge striped curtains covering a whole wall, huge lockable wardrobe (doesn't lead to Narnia), my own writing desk with lock, mini fridge, AC! AHH!

The comforter is nearly as thick as it is wide (no seriously. Someone needs to let the Italian's in on the secret of duvets because this thing is 7ft long, about 6 inches thick (all over!) and about a foot and half wide. It's awesome, don't get me wrong, just weird.) I'm so enchanted! I wish I was staying longer then 6 days. We should bring the family here! For how nice it is, it's so damn cheap!
OK going to bed.
Oop, one more thing: My clock is 24 hour.
So cool.

Now that I am updating today, I'd like to add that the keyboard is rearranged, so any spelling errors are likely due to the new configuration, and the fact that blogger is all in Italian. Seriously cool. Wanna see the new characters? ç ò à ù § £ ì è é €. Awesome, huh?


Anonymous said...

So, so, so, so, SOOOOOOO glad you finally posted. Honestly, I was about to phone Anna and ask her mom to phone the hotel and ask if you were there because I tried and whoever answered the phone only spoke Italian and our conversation was completely unsatisfactory.
Wonderful that you're there and, I'll say it now, apparently you're supposed to be AT the airport at least two and a half hours before your flight for most countries and longer for places like England. They suggest phoning your airline to check when they want you there so you should probably do that for your flight back.
Have a great time; can't wait to hear/read about everything!
Ciao Rome!
LOL mapa

Michelle Ernst said...

2 and a half? actually, my next flight, Iàm probably going to be there about 6 hours early, so no problem there!

I'd sent you a text message that Iàd arrived in Rome. you didn't get it? Awe damn. and I tried so hard to make sure you wouldn't worry. wretched internets.

As for the only italian bit, totally. my closest companion here, is named Roy, and he speaks italian and spanish. and I speak english and french. out conversations are really fascinating.
Lots of love!

Anonymous said...

Did you get your text but then two days with nothing! Just worrying, that's all.
Re the airport, Clark said they solved the problem by sleeping at the airport! Saved money on hotels too!
LOL mapa

Michelle Ernst said...

My night at the airport will be the 19th to the 20th in London airport, which If I had to pick an airport to sleep in, I think thatàd be it.