Friday, July 13, 2007

Trip day the 10th; in which I "potter" around

I've been worried about going to Rome, until I saw a show about a lady that likes to travel to Afghanistan and Iraq on vacation. Her main point is, "If people live there, why can't I go on vacation there?"
I think this may be the best advice to give or hear.
So I arm myself with my "amazon-in-training" button, and head off under grey skies (perfect for the tower of London).

I keep forgetting my Italian book, so I brush up on mandarin instead. Why not? A nod's as good as a wink, eh?
I don't have a cockney accent yet, but I think this is due to conscious effort on my part. Surrounded by the soft rolling tones, I can feel them line up on my tongue, but when I open my mouth, I still sound like that lady off "This hour has 22 minutes". Speaking of which, I almost forgot; Rick Mercer is GAY! Jas was in a gay bar in London with a friend of hers when he walked in. He was trying to be discrete (apparently he's really short, but always wears a suit.) but they danced around him singing, "Rick Mercer! Rick Mercer!". Poor guy.

The tower of London is great, with a Yeoman Warder tour included. He was extremly funny, cracking jokes about how no lady's engagement ring could compare to the crown jewels, but the men can get back at the ladies by showing them the galley where King Henry hanged his wives, and speculating on King Henry's codpiece (the first incident of psychological warfare).He also, when we cheered to hear more stories of torture, called us "Weirdos" but was "bloody glad there's no Frenchies here".

Harry Potter was so much better then the last two, neither of which included much in the way of plot points, and felt too rushed.

I'm in a pub, watching an Indian rap video about pregnant women. Seriously, this singer is surrounded by dozens of pregnant women. I have no idea what it's supposed to be about, but they all seem really happy.

I head home, book a wake-up call for 4, and desperately try to get a few hours sleep.


Anonymous said...

Glad you made the Tower; you'll have to talk to GG about it. She remembers going years ago.
You didn't know about Rick Mercer? It came out (he came out?) a few years ago.
Good luck with Rome! Thinking about you constantly.
LOL mapa

Michelle Ernst said...

He came out...and no one told me!? DAMNIT!
I thought this would ctapult me to the "in the know" list of people! surely this was insider information!?
Aw poop.
: P
Thinking about you guys all the time too!
Wait till i get back! I've got THE coolest souveniers!
Oh, btw, what dates are you guys in Edmonton? Iàm really hoping to extend my vacay to the weekend I get back, and maybe head out to gramma's cabin? I know she was hoping to, and I'd love Joseph to see it before it's sold.

Anyway, Love you soooo much!