Tuesday, September 26, 2006


Oh boy I've gota big rage-fuelled hard-on of a rant that's been itchin to see the light of day for a while now. It's a brand-new baby peeve! Break out the cigars!

Married Men.
Good grief! I have earlier rants about them, in the form of, "Good grief stop hitting on me you horrible little woman-appendage!"
I now have one which perfectly mirrors and opposes this former rant.
When every time you say something a little racy (I'm pretty casual about sex) they bring up the holy ring, and hide behind their sacred monogamy. I think it's pretty arrogant of these married men to assume that since I've made a joke, I desperatly want into their pants. Guys, unless a woman has whipped out the line, "so, is your wife away on buisness, or should we go to my place?" they are just being friendly!! Chillax! Most women do not cat around, just waiting for a faithful, honorable man to miss screaming "Married! Love my wife! Lots of sex with her!" once, so she can pounce. Hell, even I of the lower-morals-than-a-psychopath breed, have never even kissed a man who was attached to someone else. I hate being in a great conversation with someone, and have them drop the W-bomb. It kills all interaction because I have yet to meet a man who can do it with dignity. Me: "Yah, My courses are riveting! That experiment in 237 was amazing!" Him: "Yah, my wife...pause...is in Vancouver." *Awkward moment as I realize he thought I was coming on to him* Maybe I exaggerate a touch, but it's almost that bad sometimes. The contortionist lengths some men will go to to bring up their wives.
So guys, ease up. Learn to laugh at jokes. You can't accidentaly cheat on your wife. The only people who cheat are those who want to.

That's useful information for women too. If he cheats, it's because he wanted to.

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