Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Wen the Eternaly Surprised

In the space of a fraction of a second, the world is changing. While I type these letters someone dies, is born, changes jobs, loves, minds, choices. In this chaotic whirlpool of random chance and order, lies a million little stories, all that have untold effect on one single moment, upon which your world may turn. or it may not.
The world is constantly being re-created. Constantly new.
The only proper approach to this world is by being eternally surprised. Constantly astounded by the very fact that your heart remembered to beat yet again.
In this tiny moment, you must find bliss, and joy, trusting that in the next second the world will be new and fresh again, and you can find bliss in that too.
Tiny bumper particles that change the world.
The world is built on seconds.

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Anonymous said...

Absolutely correct and beautifully written! So amazing to think that way, that the World is constantly new, always changing. And in the span of a second your world could change, or not! Thanks for this piece, it really opened my mind.