Sunday, January 30, 2011

You Have Had Your Fun

The last two days I have been actually working for my wage, as a result of a coworker having attempted to explode his knee across the driveway (his foot swings sideways when free of encumbrances now - how gross is that?), so I have not had the usual research and post time I have enjoyed. On the other hand, new schedule changes ensure I have a better division of my hours into more convenient blocks; my timetable is officially 'day shift' now, since the majority of my shifts are now day shifts.

I plan to use this short day (I am still annoyed I was not able to post yesterday, but I spent two solid hours stuffed in my broken-down truck in a spot in Sherwood Park that was bereft of any free Wi-fi, and I was concussed into pleasant sleep by a chocolate cake the size of a brick upon my homecoming.) to talk about the UBB because the whole situation makes me so angry and sick to my stomach, that I feel it is inevitable that we will have no say in the matter, the whole issue will push ahead, and we will forget that we were ever given unlimited Internet except for the times we gustily espouse to our grand-children that we remember when we had Internet, and it was everywhere, growing wild, and now they have ruined it all.

But why is this being allowed? Especially when you consider the amount of business being conducted online. a staggering amount of transactions and indeed, new industries and companies being created simply to serve the pipes, a limitation or tollbooth on the whole affair seems destined to choke the life from this burgeoning money-mine; I could throw a lot of facts and figures at the screen, but I have never found myself the most interested in the hard realities of these ordeals. I content myself with the philosophy of events.

At the root of it, the recession is the problem. Obviously, the first goal is to make money, and they stand to do so through the nose. Leaving the Internet to develop to an almost cult-like dependency (guilty!) and then exploiting the addict's desperation is a plan so fiendish, but so effective, I would not even bat an eye if I saw it on a company's ten year plan.

Furthering that, the government is not stepping in because, let us face it, the Internet is also a time waster. Email, Facebook, Youtube, Netflix, even random Google, are so perfectly reward centered that one can simply dive in and waste away for the end of their days until such time as their bills are cut for non-payment and the neighbors start to Google, "How to tell your neighbour they smell like death (without offending them)". So you are the government, how does one extract the citizens from their contended cocoons so they can get back to the business of making the country money while at the same time not discouraging new businesses? Simple; up the ante. This new dynamic forces the average person to really consider the worth, the value, of the activity one is about to engage in, but businesses are always willing to sacrifice money on the alter of the Profit God because he always pays his debts, rewarding his followers with a short, sharp, shower of sheckles.

That is why it will go through. That is why it will become normal, why we will all roll over, whining the whole way, and take it. Start perfecting your "when I was your age" voice; the golden days are over.

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