Thursday, January 06, 2011

The Bigotry Circus is in Town!

Next Tuesday should prove interesting in Toronto; the English Defense League has trooped into town to set up a rally at the Toronto Zionist center. The league is "anti-Islam". That, please note, is not a vague generalization, an indictment of their policies, or even a judicious reading of their internal manifesto; that is actually how they describe themselves. They do not even try to cover it up with politically correct statements, or justify it with fancy equivocations. They just come straight out and say it.

This causes two feelings: One, I am so amazed that groups like this exist, in our modern world, and two, I am so proud to be a Canadian, that our country would open its mind enough to allow for even the most close-minded hate speech to be given fair trial, and (hopefully) subsequently anti-protested into the dirt. The best antidote for these things is to bring it out into the open and lance it like some rancid, hate-filled boil. Ideally, once they realize they do not have the citizen's support they want, they will go away. It is a noted symptom of discrimination that most bigots believe that everyone secretly supports them but will not say so for fear of reprisal. This causes them to keep thinking their delusional ideas are normal.

Anyway, can anyone think of any reason why the Federal government would keep quiet about the closure of some embassies? I have been scratching my head, unable to fathom why we would give a crap either way, or why the government felt that information was too sensitive to release, but I have come up with nothing.

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