Monday, January 24, 2011

Roofing Problems? Who not to call.

When Victor first purchased the home we live in, the Realtor specified we should look at getting the roof fixed, preferably that summer. After white-knuckling a whole winter we were able, this fall, to save the money to have it redone. Although we had several crews out to look at the roof, we went with Affordable Roofing, 10431 155 Street, Edmonton, AB T5P 2M2 (780) 819-2365.

The job was finished in two days, but when we had returned home from work after the second day, we assumed they would be back for more work, since there were shingles, wood, tools, and garbage (like a cigarette pack) strewn about the yard (Even on the roof!) and we noticed the gutters had not been cleaned, as was discussed in the contract, but just damaged and ignored. We were naive enough to shrug our shoulders, clean up the detritus, and try to focus on other things. (In future, I shall not be so cavalier about shoddy job-sites)

This past winter, as Edmontonians know, we got snow. About three days after the first heavy snow fall, Victor asked me why there was water on the floor of the kitchen. As we have two dogs I was not concerned until I came downstairs to discover the paint had peeled off, the drywall had disintegrated, leaving a gaping hole in the ceiling, exposing two support beams which were soaked, and the water had seeped down the walls, under the thick paint, saturating the entire wall (the plaster wiped off on my fingers), and creeping towards two light switches and a plug-in. The damage was so severe we could feel cold air coming in from the opening. We grabbed a Rubbermaid container (It was leaking heavily - when I had come home from work one day it had overrun, soaking the towels around it) killed the breaker to that area, and phoned the roofing company. This was a Thursday, they said they would be out to see it "soon".

Victor went onto the roof to clear the snow away, but while he was scooping with his hands, the shingles came away from the roof; they were obviously not well secured. Affordable Roofing arrived to check the place on Saturday, but despite looking at the wall, they did not mention fixing it.

Today, Monday, they are expected to arrive to put in the "flashing" that they had apparently neglected the first time, that is needed to prevent this leak. When I phoned the office, I spoke with Ben and asked if they were going to fix the inside today as well. He said they were not going to fix the hole at all, saying we could do it ourselves. I said they had done a poor job, they were negligent, and we were not going to just go away.
He responded, "That is what is going to happen."
I said, "No it won't, and we will take you to civil court to sue for damages, if we have to."
And he replied, "Bring it on." and hung up on me.

I come from a line of entrepreneurs, and that is not how you treat customers. I have never supported when people complain about their own stupidity, or expect miracles from companies (there is no pleasing some people), but all we want is for them to fix the damage caused by their own negligence. Unless you want to live under a roof that may or may not be finished, I would advise another business.

The crew was over today, they went up and did something. The owner's wife (Ben is the owner) came in and talked to me about where the damage came from; apparently since we have such an extreme bend in the roof, the snow and ice built up on the lower half where the slope is almost flat, and pushed back along the roof,causing the leak at the bend. She had assumed the crew had left off the flashing since that is the most common problem.She also vouchsafed that the estimate we had been given (and so the resultant price) was based on a normal roof, rather than a steep roof, which explains why they were so much cheaper than everyone else.They've agreed to pay for the supplies to repair the damage and I let them know I would hire a contractor to check it out (just in case). I guess we will shelf the issue pending the contractor's impression. 

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Andreanna said...

Have you tried contacting BBB?

They have grades for different companies, including an area for complaints. I would post your review on any site related to them. Anywhere where someone looking for a good roofing company would see it. Include links to the pics. Keep it as factual and unbiased as possible.

Saw your review on google. Awesome start!

And if they try saying anything about THAT, well . . .