Saturday, April 16, 2011

Wildcard Weekend: Vegan Week

Mostly out of an interest that I have fostered for a while, and also because of the recent controversy, I've decided to participate in Vegan week.

The controversy that broke only this past week was over the foremost vegan publication Vegnews. The website looked into some readers' concerns that pictures on the Vegnews website depicting recipes from the site were of real meat. It turns out they was simply using stock photos, occasionally photoshopped to seem legitimate. Vegans were hurt, many felt betrayed, and a mass movement to withdraw subscriptions followed. Although the usual complaining about "over reaction" drew discussion to an online screaming match, the discussions were interesting and I found myself siding with those who were offended. compassionate vegans hate the support of the meat industry, and health vegans deserve to know what their cooking will/ should look like. 

I harvested some recipes from here, and should I get desperate my Aunt and Uncle are both vegan, so I can relax and see what comes out of this. At the very least I have some awesome coconut freezies.


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