Monday, April 04, 2011

Budgeting the Balance

I have finally figured out what the conservatives are offering this election. While other parties have offered fancy, exciting, subsidies and other programs, the Tories have put forth only hesitant, cautious programs that may or may not materialize in a few years, once they balance the books.
That, right there, is the main message of their campaign. Once more, in slow motion, for anyone who missed it: Once they balance the books.

Every program being introduced (except scrapping the long-gun registry - which I wish did not compel me as much as it did) comes with the rider that it can only happen after they balance the books. Only the conservatives can make the claim that they can balance the books, since they have the closest community with the budget and fiscal reality of our country right now, and it serves to underscore the attitude they present that they 'know what they're doing' and 'they have been in power for a while now.' If the conservative party could roll up its sleeves, I have no doubt they would be rolling right now.

Taking this tack ensures that every benefit brought up by other parties, any new programs, looks financially irresponsible because they are spending money while we are running a deficit. The hilarious benefit for this is that the stronger promise made by the other parties, the bigger the benefit for the conservatives; Especially considering some of the monetary promises being offered by the Liberals for this election. Even considering the hike in corporate tax rate, and the promise to lower the deficit to 1% of the GDP by the second year, the final bill looks daunting.

The solitary position the conservatives take (anyone who has seen the CBC voting compass should be aware how lonely the Conservative's position is - they look like the kid who farted during class photos) ensures that anyone who drifts their direction is going to be sucked into the gravity well of idealism that is the Conservative stance. Considering the recent panic over Canadian household debt, this means anyone with an predilection to 'save' is going to drift in the Conservative's direction, whether they like it or not (subconscious priming is very powerful).

All these factors add up to make a hell of a stealthily effective campaign. Except for the fighter jet issue. What the hell is with that?

The title is a quote I found online:
"After the government takes enough to balance the budget, the taxpayer has the job of budgeting the balance."
— Unknown

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