Saturday, February 05, 2011

World Wide Elimination! Canadian edition!

I have concrete proof the reason for the existence of the world is to piss me off. I finally had to stop stealing some random "linksys" Internet hookup while at work, and bought my own Internet stick and connection plan like a grown-up. Since Wind mobile offered a no-contract 25$ a month unlimited plan, and all I had to do was buy a hundred dollar stick, I gleefully spent the money, pleased with the whole ordeal. Dimly aware, on some level, that I was flirting with fire, given the recent fervor over the CRTC's smack-down on unlimited, and the government's smack-down on the CRTC, but I was confident the worst I would incur would be a large contract plan for my precious Internet. I had no idea that, just like the WWE, there was another throw-down coming!

This time, in the title-weight bout: TELECOM vs. THE CABINET! And the crowd goes WILD!

As my sardonic readers mark another chalk line on the wall for the dominant ruler in this three-way slug fest, the more observant wonder why this makes a difference to me if I have already resigned myself to the financial slaughter. Apparently, the ruling this is all related to was also the one that sanctioned the emergence of Wind mobile into the Canadian market since, as an almost wholly Egyptian owned company, it fudged a bunch of Canadian corporation laws. So theoretically, it is possible this ruling will be reversed and, I assume, Wind mobile ousted from the company, leaving my husk to be scavenged by whichever Internet company wants to feast on my entrails.

Also, let me put my alarmist pants on, just for a second, and wonder about North America's loyalties to Israel,  and the fact that the Egyptian president who is currently under threat is supportive of Israel, and any new regime might not necessarily be so accommodating, and Wind mobile is Egyptian and may be supporting the revolution (probability 0.01%, one thing that is bad for business is revolutions, and another thing that is extra bad for Internet/phone companies is when the government shuts everything down). This whole convoluted series of events sounds unlikely until you remember that here in Edmonton, we had a man arrested for organizing terrorist activities that killed four United States soldiers. 

Anyway, back into the closet with my pants, and enough of that. The point is we have a fascinating battle for Canadian's browser-powered souls here; there is a lot exciting in Canada lately.

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