Wednesday, February 23, 2011

None if by Land, and Five Fifty by Sea

This is actually The Pun'd it's first joint post; it is written by both myself and a bottle of chocolate red wine called Chocovine. If you ever want to buy Baileys but are too cheap, go pick it up; it is indistinguishable and 14%.  
Recently America has been debating charging Canadians an additional $5.50 just to enter the States and needless to say, Canadians are honked off. It will apply to both flights and naval incursions, thus encouraging heavier vehicle traffic, because I assume the recent recession has hit the American road construction industry hard. The main motivation is, of course, to alleviate a geographic problem: That money is in Canadian pockets when it should be in American pockets.

In our single-minded, childish fashion, like a little boy at summer camp whose bed has been short-sheeted, we have began to stamp our feet and holler about how if they charge us, we will totally charge them right back...but, but, harder! This is typically followed with some cheap-shot about a weight surcharge. But as satisfying as this sensation this would be, we would squander a valuable opportunity to focus inwards.

The Tyee wrote an excellent article on the "buying local diet", also called the "Ten percent shift" campaign by the B.C. chapter of the Canadian Union of Public Employees. They are committing to allocating ten percent of their income to products that are designed, sourced, or manufactured in Canada. According to a U.S. study, businesses with a "buy local" program experienced a 5.6% growth in revenue, while those without only registered 2.1%.  Even a small commitment to buying local can keep money in the local economy, and eventually cause a ripple effect, making future, larger commitments easier. Rather than focusing on being vindictive, we should take this opportunity to find and support local opportunities. Except for that guy down the street with the luncheon meat in his pockets. Don't buy that.

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Andy said...

It's the same with visas, no? You charge $50 and require a Visa? Well okay then, you have to buy a visa now. Want to get in this country cheap, better lower your friggen prices.