Monday, December 06, 2010

Ratigan: Previously a Disney Villain, now a Rat Afghan!

I'm not sure what I am more embarrassed about; the fact that I got suckered into reading a fashion article from the newspaper, or that I'm going to blog about it. The headline read "Swamp rat's 'guilt-free' fur making a fashion splash" and who wouldn't want to read about that? Fashion models wearing swamp rat pelts, the possibility that there is some species of rodents who shed whole pelts of fur (Other than my husky. It's seriously a blanket), and the lilliputian chance that there will be a genuine fashion model brawl somewhere in the article. (I hold out hope dearly)

What, in actual fact, makes the fur "guilt-free" is that the Nutria species (That is truly its name. It sounds like something health-conscious, cancer-oblivious people stir in their coffees) has become somewhat of a nuisance. Since it was imported by the primordial fashion industry in the 30's, it has been left to its own machinations which, as all animals' do, involve screwing and eating. The eating is starting to destroy the coast-lands, however, since the overdetermined little buggers like to gnaw root vegetables down to the nubbins, leaving big patches of barren land that oblivious and sterile people apparently call "eat-outs". Louisiana, in the fine tradition of over-reactors everywhere (Rodents everywhere! Is Canada invading?!) has ordered a cull. That is apparently all the "go-ahead" the fashion industry needs to capitalize on their ancestor's mistake, bonk the little blighters over the head, and steal their clothes to wear while they flutter their lashes and talk about how committed they are to environmental preservation.

For crying out loud, you're still killing them. You are still causing the death of something living. I don't want to be bleeding heart about this, but you don't get to hack their jackets off and hoist them on your petard of "guilt-free". Just because you've lost conscious touch with the moral portion of your brain doesn't mean you should feel better. Worse, since the average individual on the street can't tell that your fur jacket is "government-cull-condoned" it perpetuates the glorification of the fur culture that is killing thousands of animals needlessly that obviously don't have the warm-fuzzy label of 'saving a whole beach full of yams'. How is Peta not up in these people's grills like they were for Michaelle Jean when she ate a piece of seal blubber? Models are weak and largely irrelevant, isn't that Peta's target market?

On the other hand, watching people killing and flaunting the carcasses of beasties that are purported to look just like svelte beavers might give us the excuse we've been dying for to declare they are taunting our Canadian heritage, and just invade them. I just wish I felt more comfortable following Stephen Harper...anywhere, really. Even just down to the neighbors for a kegger. The Liberal media really paints our PM in a harsh light, as though he's some money-grubbing, war-mongering, women-hating Arch-Demon. But he's not even trying to defend himself. If this was a UFC fight, the ref would be covering him like he's hiding a Smartie from a fat kid. This past week he deferred some gun-tracing regulations for another two years in the hopes of being able to gain a majority vote and not ever need to bother with them, like, ever. But he has done so on the 21st anniversary of the massacre at Ecole Polytechnique, which is the flagship defense for the gun registry. Harper, you may not care enough to kowtow to the Liberals, but for crying out loud, don't give them a gift like this. If you actually do want to get rid of the registry, you might have to try things that will actually work.

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Anonymous said...

Love the title and the writing, though you lost me a little with the segue into Stephen Harper.
lol, mapa