Sunday, December 26, 2010

Don't You tell Me 'bout Your Law and Order

I had heard in some bogus studies that cited people typically operated at the same mental level as a twelve year old child, but I had shrugged them off as alarmist and ridiculous. After a careful examination of the way most priority services work together, however, I am wondering about the truth behind them.

Ignoring, for a bit, the childish antics of the provincial government after they switched ambulance providers and began to ticket the new drivers for speeding and running red lights, (which caused the higher-ups to tell the drivers to not speed, well, only speed when they really need to, well, no they shouldn't, but maybe...)the latest bout of prepubescent flailing is between the police and the Canadian border services.

Despite acknowledging that the cooperation prevents the trafficking of drugs, guns, and explosives across the Canadian border, since the police won't approve customs officers carrying firearms on duty, the border services has packed up their stuff and gone home. No more joint operations.

The official memo is because border guards don't know what kind of situation they are walking into and might occasionally need serious firepower. Yet, the decrease in apprehensions, persisting since 1997 and dropping almost 50%, despite America tripling their border agents, implies that there is really no need to increase security, especially considering the rapid increase inn migrant mortality rates per 10,000 apprehensions.  There is a 28% increase in violence against agents since 2005, but there is no specification as to the nature of the attacks. The data even includes people throwing rocks, which I would actually not consider shooting a valid response to, but hey, I only carry a gun on a daily basis.

What this proves is just that there is no professional relationship too good, no higher purpose too productive, to be safe from severing if it means you can hostage the public opinion for a cool gun. Just take your toys home, try to release the news on a day you don't think people will be paying attention (Christmas eve) so you won't have to justify your childish actions to the public and wait for the perks to roll in.

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