Friday, February 01, 2008

One Simple Rule

It seems people have forgotten civility. Politeness, ettiquette, common decency. Things are tough for you, yes, but it is not like the person you are about to disrespect had had a golden life. One should imagine that everyone you interact with is saying, (taken from What is the What by Dave Eggers) "You do not understand. You would not add to my suffering if you had seen what I have seen!"

As babies, we all cry. This should unite us! Next time you are about to explode on someone, remember they have cried. Have suffered in some way. We all do. Struggled in some way. Why don't you help out? Has rejoiced in triumph. Dance with them. Defeat, Embarassment, Hope. All of these things, present in the person you are about to try to destroy. Is it really worth it? That they should fight to make it so far in life, just to have to contend with the petty squabble you put on them?

If I could wish one thing in the world, it would not be world peace (which would likely have the life span of some cheetos at a snowboard rally) but more empathy.


On an unrelated note, I have included some links at the bottom of my blog including my favorite webcomics and some useful links. Enjoy!

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Depop said...

Your blog was the only one that didnt have nude males and unnecessary pictures of crap. So i read it. Did i mention it was the only english one ive encountered? It seems as though you had a bad day. Maybe you put too much into other peoples beliefs in you.